11 Plus Tutoring Tips for Achieving Excellence in Top UK Schools

You may have looked into how to pass the 11 Plus exam to send your child to an Independent or Grammar School. For many parents, this raises the crucial issue, “What 11 Plus tutoring tips can help my child perform their best on the entrance exam papers?” Some of the best secondary schools in the UK use this exam to choose which Year 6 applicants to admit. 

When should you start thinking about the 11 Plus? As a parent, the best time to start thinking about the 11 Plus is in Year 4. You can book a free assessment if you want to hire an 11 Plus teacher. This will give you time to learn more about local tutors.

11 Plus Tutoring Tips

It should go without saying that no genie lamp or miraculous wand will guarantee your child’s 11 Plus entrance exam pass. However, several valuable and successful tactics may provide incredible results. In this post, we’ll review the top 11 Plus tutoring tips, which might assist your child in succeeding on the test.

The first step in the 11 Plus tutoring exam tip is crucial: we advise you to determine which exam board gives your child’s entrance test. One of the two well-known boards that oversee 11 Plus exams in the UK, CEM or GL, will likely administer the test to the child.

Knowing which testing board is administering your child’s 11 Plus test will be beneficial since there are numerous notable variations in the style of the paper, exam times, and question types for entrance exams. Therefore, becoming familiar with the test board will enable you to provide your child with specialised preparation.

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, this advice must be balanced. Numerous studies conducted over many years in education have conclusively shown that studying for an exam at the last minute is stressful and useless. They may work against you on test day. 

On the other hand, one of the most significant benefits you can provide your child is a head start on their 11 Plus tutoring tips for test preparation: find out when the exam takes place and use it all the time before it. However, this may give your child enough time to prepare for the 11 Plus exam and show off their abilities and knowledge on test day.

Depending on the supplier, the 11 Plus test format might change dramatically. However, all exams aim to evaluate students’ proficiency in the same core subjects—Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning. As such, we advise that you help your child become ready by emphasising these essential components.

If your child needs more confidence in Maths, we advise utilising Maths Skillswise questions to help them gain it. If your child struggles with English, you can help them comprehend the questions they need to practise answering by looking at a variety of natural 11 Plus Past Papers.

11 Plus Tutoring Tips

The two main categories of questions on the 11 Plus exams are standard format and multiple-choice questions, which offer multiple possible answers from which one must select. Your child’s 11 Plus will combine these two forms, so you should give them plenty of chances to practise both.

The standard format is more complex and ought to come first. Still, multiple-choice questions evaluate other abilities and may often present students with just as great difficulties.

If you recall our advice about the exam boards earlier, you’ll know it’s essential to know which 11 Plus test your child is sitting for. Once you’ve found out, you can tailor your approach accordingly. If your child takes the CEM 11 Plus test, you can choose CEM-specific practice papers that cover Maths and English in a CEM-like format.

If, by contrast, you discover your child will be sitting the GL 11 Plus assessment, you’ll want to look into GL-style practice papers tailored to the style of Maths and English questions preferred by the GL board.

Under pressure and in competitive environments, limiting learning attitudes may result from aiming for the highest score on most practice papers. For instance, “I have to make sure I make fewer mistakes” implies “I have to stop making mistakes because I do too many.”

Conversely, a curious mindset prioritising problem-solving allows errors to arise and fosters learning via curiosity instead of fear. It encourages awareness, self-control, and accountability for growing from mistakes and learning from them. When preparing for exams and everyday life, it is helpful to model a growth mindset by encouraging language such as “What can we do to solve the problem?”

Your child may experience anxiety before any test, and the 11 Plus exam is no exception. As you help them prepare, keep in mind that anxiety may impair their ability to demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, and skills. 

One technique to prevent this is to assist students in developing composed, sensible routines as part of their 11 Plus tutoring tips preparation. Another way to teach kids time management is to encourage them to move on from complex topics rather than waste time on answers they already know due to anxiety or tension.

11 Plus Tutoring Tips

If you’ve read this far through our list and are still overwhelmed by the difficulties of getting your child ready for the 11 Plus test, our last piece of 11 Plus tutoring advice is to think about working with a professional 11 Plus tutor. Investing in a tutor might be pretty beneficial.

Their expertise may help your child improve confidence, understanding, and exam technique by coaching them through practice papers and focusing on challenging areas. Additionally, tutors may work on a schedule that works for you and your family. Consider if your child might benefit from weekly 11 Plus sessions or a more regular support programme.

The keys to success in the 11 Plus test are thorough planning, regular practice, and a proactive attitude towards learning. By religiously following these 11 Plus tutoring tips, you may improve your child’s performance and open doors to academic success at prestigious UK schools. Get started on your path now to open the doors to a prosperous future!

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