10 Casual Fashion Trends To Follow In 2023

The verdict is out, people, and in 2023 fashion is equal to comfort. We are returning to the basics and focusing on clothes that give us comfort, happiness, and longevity. Gone are the days of fast fashion and ridiculously uncomfortable skinny jeans. Today’s fashion is about the Gen-Z culture, which promotes self-love, simplicity, and reliability. If you’re looking for a new spring wardrobe, here are the top casual fashion trends that will be in this season. 

10 Spring Fashion Trends to Follow in 2023 

Casual Fashion Trends
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1. Oversized Everything

What speaks comfort more than oversized clothing? In the past decade, we have seen oversized clothing rising significantly in popularity (Cue: Boyfriend T-shirts and Mom Jeans). So, this season, we will see the era of oversized blazers and jackets, making you look like a page out of Runway Magazine! You can pair your jacket with matching pants or go super casual with your favourite jeans and a crop top underneath.

2. Statement Dresses

Dresses and statement prints make for the most fun combination of the 2023 spring fashion. Most of the 2023 spring fashion is based around comfort and simplicity. However, statement print dresses are the exception to the norm. Retailers like Charles Vermont are full to the brim with colourful printed summer dresses. If you like to have fun with their clothes, we reckon you’ll spend the spring season in gorgeous, flowy dresses with your head back in laughter and a wine cooler in your hand. Ah, quite the picture.

3. Neutrals & Pastels

Believe it or not, the theme for spring 2023 has been set as Neutrals and Pastels. More and more brands are adding light, muted tones to their collections. The sophistication that oozes out of a monochromatic neutral outfit is unmatchable. However, there’s still plenty of room for mix and match and colour blocking within muted colours. The best part? You can use the same beige skirt to make a variety of outfits, as neutrals are versatile and go with everything.

4. Washed-Out Denim

Casual Fashion Trends

Many of us remember the early 2000s when washed-out denim was all the rage. The more worn-in your pair of jeans looked, the more fashionable you were. It’s simple math! Well, get ready because the grunge denim look is back. If you’re a hoarder, time to open that suitcase from 2004 full of washed-out denim with pocket chains on the left side. For extra oomph, maybe get a fun denim jacket to complete the entire look. If nothing else, it’ll be nostalgic for sure!

5. Athleisure FTW

Athleisure has been trending for quite some time now, and let us be the first to tell you that it’s here to stay. The soft material and comfy fits that make up athleisure clothing make it one of the most comfortable. It feels like wearing your pyjamas while simultaneously looking incredibly chic and put together. What other outfit will give you that? With the rising popularity, many high-end brands have also started their athleisure lines! 

6. Bohemian Chic

Live out your 1970s dreams this spring because bohemian chic is back in fashion. The loose cuts and whimsical pieces with oriental accessories give an unbelievable, dreamy vibe. If extra is your middle name, you will love the gauzy net, delicate laces, intricate jewellery, and soft flowy fabrics in fashion this spring. We don’t know about you, but this is one trend we could live the rest of our lives in. Alas, we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

7. Faux Leather

As we are going back to the basics, how can our wardrobe be complete without leather? After all, nothing can beat a statement leather jacket in terms of style, comfort, or versatility. Since sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are the anthems of the 21st century, this year will see a rise in faux leather. A good quality faux leather jacket or belt feels just as luxurious as the real thing, without any of the negative impacts of the genuine material. 

8. Sheer Cheer

Another trend that we’ll see gaining popularity casually is sheer fabrics. It’s pretty evident that Gen-Z has an intense love for sheer clothes, so it’s only natural for sheer to be one of the top casual trends of 2023 spring. The trend again borrows from the fashion of the 1970s, where fashion was a beautiful puzzle. However, in addition to the net cover-ups, organza skirts, and lacey dresses of the past, this season will see sheer jackets and pants as well.

9. Pocket Talk

A fantastic news for women this season is that pockets are in style. We all know the pain and envy we feel while balancing 20 different personal items in our hands and carrying bulky handbags while men fill up their ginormous pockets and head out without a care. Well, this season, we will see female clothing finally get pockets. From pants and jackets to skirts and dresses, brands are adding pockets to everything, so take advantage of this trend and invest in pieces with pockets. In the future, you will be utterly grateful!

10. Fringe and Bling

The final trends to look out for this season have also been reincarnated from the past. The first one is fringe. At some point in the past, we all remember coming across those gorgeous photo shoots of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera donning fringe belts and crop tops. Well, now you can look like your favourite childhood pop star and wear fringe as it is back in fashion. The other is more a trend that has withstood the test of time. Yes, we’re talking about the bling. Anything with sequins, rhinestones, gems, and sparkly beads is in this season!


We don’t know about you, but we look forward to spring 2023 fashion. All the trends that are back from the past will allow you to follow all the trends you couldn’t get in your childhood. So go shopping, and let your inner fashionista out to create the perfect wardrobe for spring 2023. With these trends, you’re sure to be the belle of the ball at all times. 

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