003/366 – Last day of movies with Mummy


Today was the last day of the Xmas/New Year holidays for Little Bean as she starts back at school again tomorrow so this morning we made the most of our time together by cuddling up on the sofa and having a flick through the TV planner to see what films we had recorded and not watched.

I saw that Hubby had recorded E.T. and I wasn’t sure whether it was a film that Little Bean would like but I figured we could give it a go and turn it off if she didn’t like it. She was a little unnerved at the beginning because it was so dark when E.T. was being chased by the men in the forest but once she got to see E.T’s face when he was in Elliot’s bedroom she thought he was really cute and from that moment was hooked.

She got very worried when the ‘astronauts’ came to get E.T. because she didn’t want them to hurt him but at the end when he was finally reunited with his spaceship she clapped her hands in approval and then turned to give me a big hug before saying “I love E.T. Mummy, can I watch it again?”.

You’ve gotta love old films!!

(No, I didn’t let her watch it again but I have saved it on the planner so she can watch it another day).

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