Wherefore art my network?

internet Don’t you just hate it, everything seems to be swimming along quite nicely.  You’ve found your writing mojo, got caught up with the posts you’ve been meaning to write for so long and then bam your network disappears and you feel like you have been cut off from the world.  Just the simplest of tasks seem so difficult or even impossible.  How on earth did we survive before some guy invented the world wide web?  Its not until you lose the access to the internet that you realise just how much you use it, rely on it even.

Anytime I want to take the children out, the first thing I do is stoke up my laptop or switch on my smartphone and search the net for exciting places to visit, if I need to make a purchase I invariably look on the net to find the best prices, local retailers and reviews to help me make a decision, I use the internet to give me ideas on presents for my family around birthdays and Christmas.  It’s hard to believe but you could actually live your life through the internet without ever having to leave your house again, food shopping, friends, bills, banking we can do everything online and generally faster too.

I have real life friends who I see daily, weekly, monthly but online I have a wealth of ‘friends’ who I have found on twitter, facebook or with thanks to my blog and some of these friends have been there for me when my ‘real-life’ friends have let me down.  My online friends were there for me in the middle of the night when I was up feeding Beanie Boy and things weren’t quite going to plan, they have provided a shoulder to cry on in times of need and made me laugh out loud with a story or picture.

This week I am going to be struggling with access to the internet and so my poor old blog is going to be a bit light on posts apart from a couple I had scheduled.  So in the short spaces of time that I am able to grab internet time I’m going to post in a different way, I’m going to show you my week in pictures alone – kind of like a Wordless Wednesday or Silent Sunday but every day!! I do hope you will keep popping back to see me and what we have been up to, it won’t be for long and please don’t be shy, I love to receive comments, especially on my photos . . .

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  1. Karin @ Cafe Bebe
    September 27, 2011 / 3:38 pm

    Having a break isn’t a bad thing. It might give you a renewed energy even. And everyone will still be here when you come back. Enjoy your family, have some proper time together to work on issues (you know what I mean) and STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP! You can do it!

    We’ll miss you, of course, though! 😉

    • mummymatters
      October 3, 2011 / 9:44 pm

      As you may have noticed I gave up on trying to do the Wordless Week, we were too busy having fun and it felt good 😉

It's always nice to receive comments, go on don't be shy . . .

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