• Teaching

    5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Your Child’s School Life

    A great many schools rely on the help of parents to perform a range of extra-curricular activities and excursions. Whilst this help is invaluable, it is also an opportunity for you to keep in touch with your child’s educational and social journey. Getting involved with your child’s school is a great way of showing that […]

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  • Thank you teacher

    Thank you teacher gift ideas . . .

    Everyone has differing opinions when it comes to giving thank you gifts at the end of a school year for their teachers/TA’s/keyworkers etc. Some think presents should be made by the children for a more ‘personal’ touch (or as a repayment for all the lovely junk models we get sent home throughout the year), some […]

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  • grass cuttings

    Primary School Flashback!

    Yesterday as I walked passed the Primary School playing fields to collect Beanie Boy from Preschool I spotted this and it reminded me of my Primary School days, racing out onto the playing fields when the grass had been cut to see who could collect the most grass cuttings and create the biggest fort. At […]

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  • Are you ready to get them back to school? 4

    Are you ready to get them back to school?

    Where does the time go? It feels like only last week that the summer holidays were looming as I picked up the tiddlers from their last days at school and pre-school. Now here we are with just two weeks left before they go back again, although I have seen that some schools actually started back […]

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  • Summer Holidays – Day 6 5

    Summer Holidays – Day 6

    This morning Beanie Boy realised just how much Jelly Bean is growing and got a taste of things to come as Jelly Bean kept grabbing his t-shirt, hair, face or just about anything he could get his hands on when Beanie Boy was trying to lay with him on his activity mat. Watch out Beanie […]

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  • Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 5 6

    Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 5

    At the moment our mornings are quite relaxing, I don’t have to get Little Bean to playscheme until 9.30am so I’m actually getting there on time BEFORE the school gates open. Now why can’t school start at 9.30am too, I work so much better for having that little extra time in the morning!! Perhaps I […]

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