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Back to School: Matalan School Uniform

School Uniform

I knew this time would come eventually but really so soon? How can it be that my little girl is four years old and ready to start school. Now that we know for definite which school she is going to in September we have been able to focus our efforts on getting her school uniform sorted. So believe me when I say, I was counting my lucky stars when an email landed in my inbox asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Matalan Back to School range. I love Matalan clothes anyway, we are regular shoppers there because the clothes are good quality and the price is right.

Yesterday Little Bean and I had a little trying on session to see how her new uniform fitted so that I can start labelling it all up for her. I chose a pair of adjustable waist trousers for those cold winter days (and in the hope that she will start to eat a bit more and be able to let the waistband out!), a navy scallop edged cardigan, pleated skirts which were really good value being only £6 for two skirts. At Little Bean’s school they don’t wear white shirts/blouses so we couldn’t get her tops for school.

I have ordered her blue gingham dresses a size larger as she will be able to wear these next year and they were great value too at only £7 especially when you consider they came with a host of hair accessories to match.

Going into winter we chose a school coat to keep her protected from the elements and she loves this bright pink belted coat which is fleece lined and sure to keep her warm this winter.

School Uniform We were asked to order £100 worth of items from the Back to School range and for that we got:

Four skirts

One pair of trousers

One navy cardigan

One navy sweatshirt

Two blue gingham dresses

One pair of school shoes

One pair of plimsoles

One winter coat

Six pairs of grey tights

Five white vests

Two white shirts (for Curly)

One Disney Princesses Lunchbox

Two Disney Princesses Snackpots

Now you can’t say better than that for getting your money’s worth can you. The uniform did not disappoint one bit when I received it and opened the parcel, all of the fabrics are of excellent quality, very well made, comfortable but durable fabrics and a really good price. Obviously the proof will be in the wearing and washing but I know Matalan and I’m pretty sure they won’t let me down!

DISCLAIMER: We were given £100 worth of Back to School products for the purpose of this post. All words and photographs (apart from the Disney Princess lunch range) are my own and may not be copied without my permission. My opinion remains unbaised.

Disney Princess


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