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Review: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

Baby Bjorn I have always been a fan of baby wearing and during my time as a Mummy I have worn various different baby carriers, they all have their advantages and disadvantages but the Miracle from Baby Bjorn is the cream of the crop.

Good support

Having gone through three pregnancies and being in a car accident some years ago my back and shoulders aren’t as strong and healthy as they once were, not only do babies and children get heavy but lifting pushchairs in and out of cars, carrying moses baskets up and down stairs and even carrying a changing bag can take it’s toll so if you decide to try baby wearing for yourself it’s important to get a carrier that really supports your back and helps to spread the weight.

The great thing about the Miracle carrier is that it can be adjusted to each person using it so that the pressure of carrying baby can be either spread equally between back, shoulders and waist or you can transfer the weight to the stronger area to take pressure off weaker areas. Some days I really struggle with neck and shoulder pain and so I loosen the shoulder straps which allows the waist belt to sit on my waist/hips to let them take the load. As a result I am able to wear the carrier for longer periods.

The straps are all wide and padded which again helps to spread the pressure around and makes the carrier more comfortable for both you and baby, all adjustments for comfort can be made from the front so you don’t need a team of helpers to make the adjustments for you. I was alone when I first received the carrier and being excited by its arrival I put it on straight from the box and adjusted it to fit me with no help from anyone else. Hubby and I find it far easier to share this carrier than we did with previous carriers because it is so easily adjustable. There are no internal seams so no nasties to rub babies’ delicate skin and yet keeping them safe, secure and comforted by your closeness.

Why use a baby carrier?

I used a baby carrier right from birth with each of my tiddlers for two reasons; the closeness with my baby and the convenience of being able to pop the carrier on and not have to mess about with a pushchair. It gives you freedom to explore places which aren’t readily accessible with prams and buggies. You can still go for those long family walks in the woods or down on the beach. When Beanie Boy came along I would carry him in a baby carrier whilst still having Little Bean in a pushchair and now it’s Jelly Bean’s turn to snuggle whilst Beanie Boy rides in the pushchair and Little Bean walks alongside. It makes life so much easier for me. I often use the Miracle carrier for doing the school run because car seats are waaaaay too heavy to carry back and forth between the car and school.

How long will it last?

The Miracle carrier can be used from birth providing baby is over 8lbs/3.5kg in weight. In fact the carrier was designed alongside paediatricians to ensure that the needs of a baby were being met. As baby grows you the adjust the buckle on the inside of the front of the carrier (whilst not wearing the carrier) according to baby’s height measurement. When I first tried to adjust this I thought it was broken as it was so stiff but when I looked at the literature for the carrier it said that it is intentionally stiff for safety reasons. The recommendation is that the carrier can be used until Jelly Bean weighs approximately 26lbs, at approximately 15 months.

The carrier comes in a range of colours, mine is Organic Brown/Black and I love it. It’s definitely my favourite carrier to date.

RRP £124.99

DISCLAIMER: I was given the Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and the main image are my own and may not be copied without my express permission. I was not instructed what to write.

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