What you should be packing for your autumn holiday

It’s kind of hard to believe that summer is nearly over. That’s right; the remaining days of August are what we have left to enjoy of a rather interesting period which has given us scorching, record-breaking heat along with some rather scary thunderstorms. So, if you’re desperately missing the typically indifferent grey skies of the UK, fear not – autumn is just around the corner.

That said, even with the conclusion of the traditionally hotter months and holiday season, you may be one of the plenty of people opting to wait until September time to take a trip away, but what does that mean for your packing? Is it less swimwear and more winter warmers?

Here are four things you should be packing for your autumn holiday.

An all-singing, all-dancing coat

Packing for your autumn holiday

Your destination may well be nice and warm, but the time of year means it also could throw up a few colder and wetter days, so it’s time to think about bringing an outer layer back into the mix.

Everyone should have a trusty coat in their wardrobe. A high-quality jacket that’s versatile, stylish and ready for all weather conditions. It might have been gathering a little dust these past few months, but now is the time to dig it back out. If you don’t have a coat you can swear by, now is around the right time to invest in one.

Sleeved dresses

Autumn Fashion

Hold onto summer vibes with a sleeved dress or two in your suitcase. A sleeved dress is a year-round favourite that really starts to blossom as a true fashion essential in the autumn time – offering a practical solution to the cooler weather while also being fit for when the sun comes out.

Don’t be shy about going for bolder prints to retain some summer charm, and couple with some dark tights and ankles boots for the perfect autumn look, no matter where you’re visiting.

Black ankle boots & trainers


Speaking of ankle boots, they’re a must-pack for your trip away as well. Another year-round item fit for any capsule wardrobe, they go with more or less anything and are perfect for city weekend breaks. Dresses, skirts or jeans – whatever you’ve got, the ankle boot will wholeheartedly support.

If you’re looking for a worthy support act to your boots, take some comfy trainers with you as well. A pair of converse or other canvas shoes are durable, easy to partner up with most styles and you can wear them all day without any worry of sore feet at the end of the trip.

A waterproof

Autumn Fashion

Finally, you must face the reality that you’re going on holiday during autumn, and that means it could rain – and rain hard. You only need to look at the monsoon style showers we’ve had the last few months to realise that could happen again, except everything will just be a bit colder.

With that in mind, pack yourself a good waterproof, so you’re ready if the worst happens.

Autumn breaks can prove just as beautiful as any summer holiday, you just have to be prepared for more adverse weather. If you’re off somewhere nice during September, chances are you’ll be OK and enjoy a lot of sunshine. Still, it pays to be braced for more miserable conditions, so you can keep enjoying yourself to the full.

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