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Privacy Advocate Launches Secure Social Media Platform, Just10

Ever had a ‘TMI’ moment on social media and been judged for it? Just10 has your back

 ~ New ad-free social network promotes privacy and free expression amongst closest friends ~

Just10Have you ever posted something on social media that came back to bite you on the bum? We’ve all had ‘TMI’ (too much information) moments where we’ve shared a picture or opinion that has either been misconstrued or has instantly provoked a reaction that wasn’t intended. Luckily, there’s a new social media platform – Just10 – that allows users to fully and freely say what’s on their mind to an intimate group of trusted friends (just 10 of them) safe in the knowledge that it will all be gone in just 10 days.

It’s just the place for Prince Harry to show off his crown jewels to his nearest and dearest (let’s face it, he’s done it before) or for Katie Hopkins to blurt out her latest ill-informed views on just about everything. Just10 is a new social media platform that promotes privacy and free expression. Currently downloadable for Apple, Android and BlackBerry 10 mobile devices and available for use on any web-enabled device it is designed for anyone who does or should value privacy (parents, young professionals, celebrities and activists for example), including any individuals worried about their information being used against them by cyber criminals through data breaches and internet fraud.

Key features and characteristics of Just10 include:

  • Private and intimate – Just10 is private by default. Just select a group of 10 friends you want to add to your network, and start sharing private or group messages to your trusted few. Member data is not public-facing and cannot be searched for online
  • Here today, gone in 10 days – All messages, photos and posts in Just10 are permanently deleted after 10 days
  • No ads, no nonsense – Just10 is 100% ad-free and the platform will never sell or rent subscriber information to advertisers or third-party companies. The platform doesn’t even collect many of the data points advertisers sell on to retailers or other third parties, like gender or location
  • Introducing Meactions – forget ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares.’ Just10 offers Meactions, a facility to store a range of user-generated selfies that can be used as commenting icons to visually react to friends’ posts

Frederick Ghahramani, privacy advocate and creator of Just10, commented:

The ongoing debate around online privacy has meant consumers are often afraid to express themselves openly on social media, in the fear they may inadvertently offend. As a result, social media has now become about broadcasting meaningless memes or innocuous information to the faceless masses. The whole idea of using social media channels to forge meaningful relationships is somewhat counterintuitive as stigma, ego and fear force us to self-censor.”


“Just10 was borne out of a need for a safe place for people to be able to freely express themselves and share the real stories of their lives with trusted friends,” Ghahramani added. “With all eyes on social media for the next ‘foot in mouth’ incident, Just10 enables users to share opinions and experiences without fear of being profiled, judged, tracked by advertisers looking to exploit their data, hiring managers looking to profile their personalities, or opportunistic cybercriminals looking to execute insidious hacks.”

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