• Premier League Writing Stars

    18 sleeps to submit your entries for Premier League Writing Stars!

    Yes, yes, yes Christmas IS coming but there’s something more exciting happening before that! The Premier League Writing Stars Poetry Competition is underway for the second year and is hoping to attract even more entries this year. Last year, they received a staggering 25,200 poems from primary school children on the theme of Resilience. Diversity […]

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  • Exams

    Helping Kids Cope With Test Anxiety

    Most of us have dealt with some type of anxiety in our lives. Since you know how it feels, it can be heartbreaking to watch your child go through anxiety, especially as it relates to their education. Many people experience test anxiety or anxiety before finishing and turning in a big assignment. This can come […]

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  • How do you help a child with control issues?

    I always think twice before I publish posts relating to my children. I don’t ever want them to look on Mummy Matters and feel that I am making fun of them or belittling them in any way. One question I always ask is whether I am writing the post for the right reasons. In this […]

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  • Help your child to be good at school

    7 ways you can help your child to be good at school

    As parents, we all want to see our children thrive and succeed at school but what’s the best way to help them achieve? Dakota Murphey consulted Red Box Recruitment, a leading teaching agency in London for some valuable advice on how you can help your child to be happy and successful at school. Help with […]

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  • Parenting Dilemma 101: Telling Tales/Being a Snitch

    This is a parenting issue which has come up a number of times in our family and I honestly still don’t know what the best answer is. A bit of background All four of our Beans are very righteous, if they see someone doing something ‘wrong’ then they will be only too keen to point […]

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  • Sports Day: Mother's Pride 1

    Sports Day: Mother’s Pride

    For once the sun was shining on our school Sports Day which took place this morning. Parents came out in droves to support their children and it was a great atmosphere all around. For us, it was the first year that we were able to see all three of the smaller Beans taking part together […]

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  • Hello Hedrin, bye bye Head Lice + GIVEAWAY! 2

    Hello Hedrin, bye bye Head Lice + GIVEAWAY!

    Treat lice with Hedrin Once Hedrin Once is clinically proven to kill lice and eggs with just one 15 minute treatment[ii],[iii]. A thicker gel formulation which contains Penetrol®, to aid penetration into the louse egg, Hedrin Once has been awarded the esteemed ‘Stamp of Approval’ from Mumsnet after 250 parents gave it the all-round thumbs […]

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