• Healthy Children

    How to Avoid Misdiagnosing Children

    Your youngest child’s speech has been slower to develop than your other kids. Along with that, you’ve noticed some social difficulties at daycare, like not interacting with teachers and other children they see daily. You wonder to yourself if you finally have a child who has an introvert’s brain chemistry or if this could be […]

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  • Parasol by the sea

    How To Keep Cool This Summer

    Though one of the more joyous times of the year, summer is a heat-laden, sweat-inducing season. Combatting the blistering warmth that accompanies summer months is no simple task. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips on how to keep your hot flashes at bay this summer. Stay Hydrated The importance of remaining hydrated can’t […]

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  • Ear Care

    Protecting Your Little One’s Ears

    Every year, 12% of children have an ear infection, which is the top reason that infants need a course of antibiotics. An infection can be extremely painful and distressing, especially for babies and toddlers who aren’t able to express what is causing them discomfort. With children under the age of three, an ear infection can sometimes […]

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  • Child's Farm Sun Cream

    Bank Holiday Heatwave Warning for Sun Safe Skincare

    Leading dermatologist warns people to be mindful of the sun’s rays A dermatologist is calling for people to use suncream not only as the weather picks up over Easter, but all year round in order to avoid long term sun damage and the risk of developing skin cancer. The comments come from Childs Farm’s consultant […]

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  • Stay safe with Thomas book front cover

    WIN Stay Safe with Thomas Story Books #staysafewiththomas

    Network Rail partners with Thomas & FriendsTM to teach children railway safety Network Rail has teamed up with the world’s most famous blue engine and pre-schooler favourite, Thomas the Tank EngineTM, to help children learn how to be safe when using the railway. Stay Safe with Thomas The Stay Safe with Thomas storybook sees the mischievous Thomas having […]

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