UV Light is a Better Way to Disinfect Your Home of COVID-19

As cold weather nears, families are scrambling to flu-proof and COVID-proof their homes. Many are considering UV light as a way to keep their surfaces, mail and even their food free from germs.

And it’s not hard to see why. UV light is more effective, cleaner and easier to use than all those soaps and bottles under your sink. And, it’s a lot safer to keep in a house full of little ones running about.

UV Light is a Better Way to Disinfect Your Home of COVID-19

Using UV light to disinfect your home is as easy as pointing a torch at an object and saying bye-bye to 99.99% of germs (including coronaviruses like flu and COVID-19).

But does it really work? And why are families rushing to buy disinfecting UV light wands this year?

We’ll enLIGHTen you below (and include some more bad puns, just for fun).

Does UV light really work?

Disinfect your home from covid

Yes. And it does more than just clean. It sterilizes surfaces by killing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, allergens and other microscopic intruders.

Hospitals and factories have been using this technology for years. But now, it’s finally available in a safe and portable size that families can use at home.

The UV light that you use to disinfect your home is essentially the same light that comes from the sun. It’s the same light that gives you tan at the beach but also burns you if you pass out on your towel.

The reasons UV light can affect your skin is because it contains radiation. And while humans are strong enough to withstand this radiation (for short amounts of time), microscopic organisms are not.

Viruses like flu and COVID-19 and harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli are literally obliterated by the radiation in seconds.

But don’t just take our word for it.

UV light has been recommended by the Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center as a way to kill COVID-19. And it’s been in use by the NHS in UK hospitals for years.

Now that you can carry a UV light wand in your hand, parents everywhere are kicking out the mop buckets and cleaning their homes with light.

How do you clean with UV light?

UV Light is a Better Way to Disinfect Your Home of COVID-19

Cleaning with UV light is easy. All you need is a UV light wand, which is basically a torch equipped with UV bulbs.

We recommend the Allume UV-C light wand for families. It’s durable, portable, and comes with safety features to keep curious little ones from playing Harry Potter with it.

To disinfect your home with Allume, simply turn it on and shine the light on whatever you’d like to clean. Within a few seconds, your surfaces will be completely sterile.

Not all UV wands kill germs this fast, but Allume is special. It’s equipped with 16 UV-C bulbs to deliver an intense and rapid clean.

Allume is much more versatile than liquid cleaners. You can use it on:

  • Countertops
  • Dishes
  • Linens
  • Bathrooms 
  • Mail and parcels
  • Shopping deliveries
  • Toys and baby products
  • Fresh produce
  • So much more

Just imagine how nice it would feel to be rid of your worries. All those bacteria and COVID-19 carrying surfaces you couldn’t disinfect before (mail, food containers, gloves, etc.), you could clean with UV light in an instant. Go ahead and open that parcel without worrying whether the postman was a carrier of more than just mail.

Allume is also portable and folds down to about 22 cm long (about the length of a normal torch), so you can easily pop it in your bag and clean anything on the go. This guarantees peace of mind when riding public transport, using public toilets, pushing lift buttons and more.

When you’re finished disinfecting, all you have to do is turn Allume off. There’s no need to scrub, dry, scour your hands or wipe up stray chemicals that might have splashed in the path of kids or dogs.

Is UV light safe?

Is UV light safe?

Yes, UV light is safe to use as a disinfectant.

But, you should avoid it coming into contact with the skin or eyes. Just like the light from the sun, too much can be a bad thing.

Luckily, Allume accounts for this with its safety features.

The child-proof power switch prevents young children from easily switching it on. And, it’s equipped with a gravity sensor that shuts the lights off automatically if the wand turns in the direction of the user.

While UV light can be hazardous, it’s a lot safer to keep around the house than bleach and other chemicals, especially if you have kids.

A little accidental exposure to Allume is harmless. Whereas exposure to just a drop or two of bleach warrants a visit to A&E.

Why are families switching to Allume now?

Where has UV light disinfection been all this time? And why are families just starting to use it now?

Until recently, there wasn’t a safe or affordable way to put UV light in the home. That’s why it’s been limited to hospitals and industrial settings for years.

But now, the technology found in Allume has expanded the uses UV disinfection. For example, Allume wouldn’t have been a cheap cleaning option just a few years ago. But thanks to its lithium-ion battery, you can charge it with your phone charger and never have to buy batteries.

These innovations couldn’t have come at a better time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to seek out new and better ways to keep our families safe and clean. And as a versatile and simple disinfectant, UV light has become a clear winner. 

And that’s not all. UV light is also much better for the environment than chemical cleaners that seep into the soil and groundwater. A UV light wand-like Allume can replace your liquid cleaners, sanitizers, wipes and rags as well as loads more pollutants.

That’s why for families, switching to UV light disinfecting with Allume is the brightest of ideas.

Are You Ready to See the Light?

Clean with UV light

There’s no better time than now to safeguard your family with UV light disinfection. With flu season around the corner and COVID-19 quickening its spread, families need a cleaning solution that works faster, easier and better.

If you’re not comfortable with getting rid of all those other cleaners just yet, that’s fine too. Allume works hand in hand with cleaners to guarantee a spotless sterile surface anywhere—at home and on the go.

And it gets better. Violet Healthcare, the manufacturer of Allume, has announced a 50% price drop to help families cope with the pandemic. That means you can get an Allume now for about the price of all those smelly cleaners lurking under your sink.

Learn more about the power of UV light and get your Allume now at violethealthcare.com

UV Light is a Better Way to Disinfect Your Home of COVID-19 1

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