• Internet

    Overcoming a Lack of Amenities in Rural Locations

    One of the hardest things for Millennials to overcome is a lack of amenities when living in rural locations. Although today’s young families prefer life in a more peaceful, greener location, they still have trouble doing without many of the things they were able to do and see in bigger cities. If you are a […]

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  • London with kids

    When kids try dial-up!!

    Have you ever considered what your children would think to the sound of dial-up? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard that sound ourselves. I remember watching the film ‘The Proposal’ with Sandra Bullock when she asked “What’s that noise?” as the computer was dialling-up to the internet. Way back at the start of […]

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  • #Letshudl

    Today’s the day – #Letshudl

    I am such a GEEK! I get so excited when a new bit of tech hits the shops, not that I get to buy many of them very often but sometimes I’m very lucky. Yesterday I received a very special parcel in the form of the brand new Tesco Hudl2 before it hits Tesco stores […]

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