• What Is A Smart Lifestyle?

    What do you think of when you’re trying to picture what a smart lifestyle could look like? For a lot of people, smart is synonymous with the future. If you believe in the Internet of Things, you might picture a future where every single aspect of your life is digitally organised and interconnected. If an […]

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  • health-ecosystem

    The Importance of Health Informatics

    Health informatics is the science of ensuring that healthcare providers have IT systems capable of meeting the demands of patients and keeping any and all data collected safe and secure. The healthier the IT systems of a healthcare provider, the better positioned they will be to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and keep costs […]

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  • Sunshine

    The Sunshine Bloggers Quiz

    I’m trying something a little different today, normally when I start a blog post it’s because I want to tell you about something we have been doing as a family or something which has been on my mind. It might be a review post or a competition but rarely is it something which give you […]

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  • Amazon Fire Tablet

    Fire, Amazon’s Fastest-Selling Tablet Ever, Adds Colours and More Storage

    Amazon have announced that Fire, Amazon’s fastest-selling tablet ever, is getting even better with new colours and more storage options. Fire will be available in three new colours: magenta, blue, and tangerine, and with either 8 GB of internal storage for £49.99 or with 16 GB for £59.99 so that customers can take even more movies, […]

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