• New Dad

    Are we being fair to Dads?

    Very often when I receive press releases to publish on Mummy Matters, I don’t tend to do anything with them other than pop them in the trash (sorry). But the odd one or two will stand out for me if it is something I am interested in, if it’s something I think will benefit my […]

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  • New Mummies, let this Mantra guide you! 1

    New Mummies, let this Mantra guide you!

    Becoming a Mummy for the first time is just about as emotional as it gets, it’s exciting, it’s heart-explodingly amazing and frightening all at the same time. When you first get home from hospital with your little bundle of joy, you’re riding the wave. One minute you’re so happy and so in love with this […]

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  • baby

    Jelly Bean’s First Official Photoshoot

    Any child of mine needs to get used to having a camera in their face 24/7 because I LOVE photographs, I love looking back to see all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) stages that they have gone through. Even now with Little Bean at the age of nearly 5 years old, it’s hard to […]

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  • 5 Tips for settling a newborn 3

    5 Tips for settling a newborn

    I am in no way suggesting that i am an expert when it comes to newborns but now that i am on baby number 3 i have discovered a few things which do help to settle a newborn in the early weeks. Swaddling With each baby I have had the advice from the hospital has […]

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  • Review: Bright Start Zoo Tails Gym from Asda 5

    Review: Bright Start Zoo Tails Gym from Asda

    Now that Jelly Bean is almost two weeks’ old he is starting to have some really good alert time during the day and when he is awake he likes nothing more than to lay on his Bright Start Zoo Tails Activity Gym. The gym is really eye-catching with it’s bright colours and dangling toys. Newborn […]

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  • Why we should pamper new mummies 6

    Why we should pamper new mummies

    When my little boy was born, I was overwhelmed by the number of lovely cards and gifts we received from friends, relations and even people we didn’t really know. Every day was like Christmas with parcel after parcel of adorable babywear or cuddly toys arriving at the door. A few girlfriends also sent gifts to […]

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  • 046/365-2013 – My poor baby 7

    046/365-2013 – My poor baby

    Just look at my poor baby, this is how he looked this evening after a trip to the hospital earlier today for further blood tests. He was having tests to check this thyroid function as a result of my underactive thyroid in pregnancy, then when we arrived at the children’s ward the nurses took one […]

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