• Backpacking

    How to plan for a gap year trip

    Your once little ones have now reached the terrifying age of 18 and are officially no longer children. Suddenly the doors of life burst open and things that were once illegal are now part of their everyday lives; being able to vote, get married, apply for a mortgage, get a tattoo, just to name a […]

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  • Planning travels

    5 ways to Budget for your next Adventure

    The better you budget, the more worth you can squeeze out of every adventure. Just because you’re being budget-conscious, doesn’t mean that you’re pinching pennies. There are always tons of options available to travellers. The insight which is commonplace to locals often goes overlooked, with hidden gems scattered across, towns, cities & villages that most […]

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  • Nepal

    Remote Destinations that are Becoming Popular: Nepal

    Before children, Hubby and I loved to travel. We visited some beautiful places. When the kids are older we plan to become more adventurous again and travel further afield. So, every now and again I will explore an exotic location or two via the internet as a way of preparing for that day. Recently, it […]

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  • Loro Park

    Canary Islands – which is the one for you?

    When I first started to travel abroad the Canary Islands were always my destination of choice because of their reputation for year-round warm weather, friendly locals and beautiful black and white sand beaches. Each year millions of tourists visit the Canary Islands from all over Europe. The Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago situated off […]

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