• Stay In Shape

    5 Quick Travel Workouts: Stay in Shape While Travelling

    When travelling, fitness and exercise goals take a back seat, and it can be challenging to exercise. When travelling for fun, you overindulge in different delicacies and lazy around the hotel room. While on business travel, there is no time to work out as your day follows a specific schedule. Therefore, finding a combination of […]

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  • Lanzarote

    Why Lanzarote is the Canary Island for your next holiday

    The Canary Islands have long been a popular holiday destination for families, for so many different reasons. There’s good weather, there are plenty of beaches to choose from, and the landscape is so unlike anything we get back home. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, too: there’s something for everyone, even if […]

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  • Passport

    7 reasons Why Travel Planning Should Start with A Map

    The word travelling feels incomplete without the word map linked to it. Your travel plans always start with a map to decide the places you should visit. Whether it is an OS paper map that belonged to your parents, or your very own smart plan such as Google maps, the utility, and importance of a […]

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  • Woman with suitcase

    Travelling light: how to relieve any lingering worries about your next journey

    Earlier in 2019, it was reported that over one in three people worry about things going wrong on the first day of their holiday. The concept of travelling abroad is also one of the most common triggers of a panic attack amongst anxiety-sufferers. Evidently, travelling can cause unnecessary stress. However, this shouldn’t be the case […]

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  • Woman in departure lounge

    Travel Tips to Optimise Your Next Family Holiday

    Travel is one of the greatest parts of life. When you take your family on holiday, you have the chance to tune in to what’s going on around you while forgetting your troubles and responsibilities back home. You can practice mindfulness and maybe even develop a new mindset when new things surround you. However, it’s […]

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