• Selling your home

    Selling Your Home? v

    Selling your home can feel like you’re putting everything on display. Your entire living space is being judged and assigned a numerical value. Many people will be viewing the utility of the space and either believing it suitable for their requirements or not. It can be fairly nerve-wracking especially if you’ve decided to put in […]

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  • Relocating to Peterborough – what you need to know 1

    Relocating to Peterborough – what you need to know

    The modern and exciting city of Peterborough is not only a cosmopolitan town but also a green haven for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Both the town centre and entire region play an important part in the history of Britain and the city is still growing today. An ideal […]

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  • Nearly there . . .

    . . . . we have finally received the keys to our new house and it was soooo exciting, I felt like a kid with a new toy – rushing from room to room quickly decorating it in my mind.  Imagining where all the furniture was soon to sit, hearing the laughter that would soon […]

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  • Well, that wasn’t so bad!

    Last Wednesday it all began, we started the first of our two house moves for this year (not like we do this every year though!). We had lots of great help and support from good friends and family, thank you everyone we couldn’t have done it without you! Today I am sat in my new […]

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  • Please bear with me!!

    This weekend we started the first of our two house moves this year – we are now in our rented house until our new house is completed. The move went well and I think we managed to avoid any arguments which is always a bonus! But now that we’re in, reality has struck! We have […]

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