• Cleaning

    Safest Ways to Clean Your Home

    Most of the high-quality cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them, which we usually do not bother to check. Even cleaning products with labels like ‘organic’ or ‘all-natural ingredients’ can be filled with synthetic and harsh chemicals. Cleaning methods you are using for your house might be more harmful than you think. Whatever products you […]

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  • Winter

    5 Ways Homeowners Can Save This Winter

    Winter is a wonderful time of year, where you can truly enjoy snuggling up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa, crank the heat, and relax knowing you are toasty and warm. However, heat isn’t exactly free, and the gas and electric bills can pile up relatively quickly. While most municipalities have measures […]

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  • Gallery Wall

    How to update your home in 2019

    The décor trends for 2019 are really something to get excited about if you’ve been thinking of updating your home. The new year often brings with it a desire to change things up, give our surroundings a refresh and start the new year with a new attitude. Making just a few tweaks to the way […]

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  • Roman Flats

    10 Zany and Wondrous things about flats!

    When I first flew the nest and moved into my own home, I rented a flat for a little over a year, it was a converted house so I lived upstairs on road level and the landlord lived below ground but had a lower level garden. Being so much smaller than a house it meant […]

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  • Preparing the house for Christmas!

    It happens every year doesn’t it, Christmas seems a million miles away until suddenly, well, it isn’t! It’s just over a month until Christmas is upon us and our house is currently in chaos with one DIY project or another. Fresh Floors We are currently in the process of having our hallway tiled and when […]

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  • Getting the Kids Involved in Winter Decluttering

    Transitionary times are the best times to get through some decluttering. As winter approaches and the temperature drops, it’s the natural time to change out your summer clothes for warmer options. You may also be winterizing your plants, storing some outdoor furniture, or bringing out blankets and winter decor. Since you’re transitioning anyway, it’s a […]

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  • 8 Ways to Help You Sell Your House Fast with Small Kids

    House selling can be stressful at the best of times. But it’s another ball-game when you add kids into the mix. Even more so, if you are in a rush (maybe you have to move for a new job or school) and you need to sell your house fast. How do you manage the children […]

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