• Pattern Rug

    2017 Rug Trends

    The perfect way of adding that final finishing touch to a room for a sophisticated and professional look is with the use of a rug. Rugs are great for not only adding comfort but they are also a key design piece within a room and allow you to work with strong and stunning looks. 2017 […]

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  • Interior Design

    5 Design Tips To Help You Position Paintings Correctly

    Art brightens up a room and adds a personal touch to any space. Artwork such as paintings, prints or photography are crucial for tying together the interior design of your home or office – however, randomly hanging paintings all over the place is not the solution. You need to ensure that the paintings are in […]

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  • Scandinavian Style

    Add a touch of Scandinavian Style to your Home

    Scandinavian style is a growing trend in the UK and U.S. for contemporary, elegant, enduring interior design. We sent Home Stylist, Talia Danes, to Sweden for a whistle-stop tour of authentic Scandinavian Style. The Scandinavian Star is rising in western popular culture. Critically acclaimed dramas like The Killing and The Bridge, gripping novels by the […]

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  • Lounge

    Squeezing Beauty Into Small Spaces

    Luxury comes in many forms and when it comes to interior design, luxury comes with a territory. Decorating a small space requires some careful thinking. There has to be a very steady balance between colours and patterns, the use of the furniture and even the lighting. Small spaces need clever design ideas and if your […]

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  • Metal

    Test Your Interior Design Metal

    If you’re in the middle of making interior design choices, you’ve probably encountered all of the usual dilemmas and smashed them out of your way.   Which colour scheme should you choose? BANG! Decision made! Do you want closed or open storage? KABOOM! Sorted. Do you want a feature wall and – if you do […]

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