• How Much Should You Pay For A High Quality Composite Door

    About to spend some hard earned cash on a new composite door? Find out how much your replacement door should cost . . . Composite Doors UK is a popular search term in search engines because they are becoming increasingly sought after among homeowners looking for replacement front or back doors. It’s no surprise since […]

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  • comfy

    An Interior You Can Just Splash Into

    Without a doubt, our home is the only real time we can ever relax. Getting up in the morning and sifting out of bed is a challenge in itself. It’s because psychologically, it isn’t just that the bed we’re in is comfortable, it’s ours. You could sleep in a hotel bed and still be calm […]

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  • wall murals

    Add new life to your rooms with wall murals

    When I was a child I remember visiting a friends house and being amazing to see that their bedroom room had been made to look like a planet in space, surrounded by a galaxy of stars. Her Mum was an artist so she had painted the entire wall herself and it looked amazing. At that […]

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  • painting

    Tips for Painting a Small Bathroom

    Many of us are living with a small bathroom and there’s not much we can do about it if there’s no room or money to expand the space. There’s no need for despair, though, as by being clever with paint, an illusion of space can be created. Use lighter colours You don’t have to stick […]

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