Add these 5 to your #2020HomeGoals!

New year, a new decade, new home? Not that this necessarily means you’ll be upping sticks and moving out any time soon. But what about revamping your living space this year, to enjoy for years to come? Here are several doable goals to keep your home incredible throughout the new roaring twenties:

Add these 5 to your #2020HomeGoals!

Converting unused space

Pretty much everywhere in the UK, you’ll have seen new homes and communities being built over the last few years. And despite all the political uncertainty of the last few years, housing prices did manage to recover towards the end of 2019.

However, a growing trend amongst homeowners has been simply repurposing their existing space, with garages, lofts, and outbuildings transformed into new environments. If you’ve longed for a new playroom, office or bedroom – why move when you could have it right now?

Futureproof your property

Even if you don’t need any extra space, however, or you’ve already converted the space available, what about your living conditions for the future? Many of the new builds you’ve seen around have been designed to live in forever, but you could have this same quality of living too.

Adding a second bathroom, for instance, or converting an existing bathroom into a wet room, can provide you peace of mind as you grow old. And when was the last time you checked your roof for wear and tear? Findley roofers in Darlington offer a free roof health check, so lookout for a similar company near you and protect your greatest investment for the foreseeable.

Live more sustainably

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels

With environmental concerns all around us right now, there are many simple ways we can all do our bit for the planet at home. From eating less meat to better insulation in our walls and roofs, practically every inch of the home can be environmentally enhanced.

Having a compost bin for vegetable and green waste, or a water butt connected to the guttering system, can reduce our individual footprints in small, but effective ways. By using less energy, everyone can put a little bit back into our delicate ecosystem.

Make odd jobs the norm

If you found yourself putting off a few tasks last year, then get them out of the way. This year will undoubtedly bring several small, awkward tasks to complete around the home, and if they all build-up, things will inevitably become unmanageable.

Aim to get one task completed, at least once every fortnight, and you’ll soon be on top of everyday home maintenance. Plus, you’ll get to see your home in a new light, and have a better idea of what your next essential tasks will be.

Fulfil a desire

No doubt there’s something you planned to do in 2019, or earlier, that you never quite got around to doing – so make 2020 the year you do it. Whether it’s a vibrant piece of artwork for the living room, a home office, or a new bed, start saving and get it done.

Keeping your home right doesn’t need to be an enormous chore, and you should be able to treat yourself every so often to something you want, need, or both. And with a major desire fulfilled, you’ll be starting the new decade with a satisfied smile on your face.


  • Alice Megan

    January 3 at 8:51 pm

    I think the odd jobs task is so important I’m going to start working really hard to do the little things

    1. Sabina Green

      January 4 at 9:35 pm

      We are 4 days in for me and so far so good . . .

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