• Garden Makeover

    Garden Design: DIY Pallet Bar Tutorial

    Create a fun focal point for your patio with this ingenious up-cycling tutorial We moved into our new build house nearly 5 years ago but the one part of it we have never given much thought to, or time, was our garden. This year we decided to finally put our stamp on it and make […]

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  • #Project366

    Project 366 – Week 17 2016

    Oh dear, it looks like I’m playing catch up again!! I started off so well with my Project 366 but these last few weeks seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur. Soooooo, carrying on from where we left off at Week 17 our Sunday afternoon was a #FamilyFilmNight with a few […]

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  • Playhouses for girls

    Feed their imagination with a Playhouse

    Collaborative Post When I think back to my childhood, I can still remember my Playhouse (or Wendy House as they were known when I was a child). I didn’t have a wooden one; I had a plastic red and yellow one I loved. I would forever be taking my dolls and teddies into it for […]

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  • Garden makeover

    Loving Phase 1 of our Garden Makeover!

    Now I’m sure if Hubby sees this post, he’ll be thinking ‘Phase 1? I thought we had finished the garden makeover??’ which to some degree we have but you know what we women are like, we always want ‘more’ so there will be a Phase 2, I’m just not sure when Phase 2 will take […]

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  • #ArgosGardenParty

    An afternoon of inspiration at the #ArgosGardenParty

    I have never made secret of the fact that we are yet to find the love for our garden since we moved here over four and a half years ago. It doesn’t have a personality, it looks like a really boring kids playground. Don’t get me wrong here, I have no problem at all with […]

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