• Teen Girl Bedroom

    Design the Perfect Teen Girl’s Bedroom with These Tips

    Designing the perfect teen girl’s bedroom is something you should not rush into. This will be the place your daughter will be staying in for a number of years so you want to get the whole design process right. When you’re finished working in this room it should be a comfortable, stylish and fun place […]

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  • Hillarys

    An Avengers-style bedroom

    I knew the day would come when I had to say goodbye to all things ‘baby’ in the Mummy Matters household and with Jelly Bean hurtling towards his 3rd birthday in January, Hubby and I decided it was time to give the boys (Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean share a bedroom) a bedroom makeover. It […]

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  • Garden makeover

    Loving Phase 1 of our Garden Makeover!

    Now I’m sure if Hubby sees this post, he’ll be thinking ‘Phase 1? I thought we had finished the garden makeover??’ which to some degree we have but you know what we women are like, we always want ‘more’ so there will be a Phase 2, I’m just not sure when Phase 2 will take […]

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  • Kelly Bunk Bed

    A bedroom makeover wishlist for our boys . . .

    Just before Jelly Bean was born we had to have a bedroom switch around so that Beanie Boy could share the largest of the children’s rooms with Jelly Bean. Bearing in mind Beanie Boy had only just turned 2 years old himself we decorated the room like a large nursery in pale blues and greens. […]

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  • Home Improvement

    Which flooring is best for a kitchen/dining room?

    The Mummy Matters household has been a bit of a tip for the last few weeks as we have had the builders in. We made the decision a few months ago that the original layout of our 4 year old house just wasn’t working for our growing family. The dining room felt cramped and so […]

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