• Little Bean

    Happy 7th Birthday Little Bean xxx

    Another year has passed and our little girl is turning 7 years old. I remember people telling me when I was pregnant to soak up every bit of their childhood as they grow so quickly but I didn’t realise how true that be. Little Bean is a Gemini, the sign of the twins and she […]

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  • Birthday

    Birthday weekend: my 40th year has begun!!

    Seriously, how did I get to 39 so quickly?! Whilst most people last weekend were celebrating having a three day weekend, we were celebrating birthdays!! No that wasn’t a typo, I did mean plural because last Friday was my Mum’s birthday and then mine was on Sunday. Mum took the day off work and came […]

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  • birthday party

    Jelly Bean’s first birthday party invitation . . .

    A few weeks ago Jelly Bean was very excited to be invited to his first ever ‘friend’ birthday party. He had a blast and was very sad to leave. He loved the train rides the best and despite his reservations when Peppa Pig made an appearance he couldn’t let her leave without giving her a […]

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  • 40th Birthday

    Hubby’s 40th Birthday celebrations . . .

    Life seems to have been going at 100mph these last few weeks so I have a stack of photographs that I want to share on the blog which will be out of date order but I’m going to share them anyway. We had a lovely weekend celebrating Hubby’s 40th Birthday which included a family day […]

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  • Hubby's going to look fab at 40 in stripes! 1

    Hubby’s going to look fab at 40 in stripes!

    Yes this weekend will see Hubby celebrating his 40th Birthday in style. I personally think Hubby has always had more of an eye for style than me, I just tend to buy things that I like and hope that they will go with whatever I have in my wardrobe when I get home. Hubby goes […]

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  • Cake Smash

    Jelly Bean’s Birthday Cake Smash?

    You may be wondering why the ? in the title?! Well, let me explain why it wasn’t quite the cake smash I intended . . . As Jelly Bean’s 2nd birthday approached I knew I wanted to have some special photographs taken and one thing we had never got around to doing with the older […]

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  • #SaturdaySnippets

    Saturday Snippets (on Sunday) – 31/01/2015

    {Eating} lots of yummy birthday cake! I made a rather delicious (if I do say so myself) Chocolate Hedgehog for Jelly Bean’s second birthday yesterday. Little Bean and Beanie Boy aren’t overly keen on normal birthday cake with jam and cream in the middle but chocolate is always a winner in this house so I […]

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  • Beanie Boy

    Happy 4th Birthday Beanie Boy!!

    How can it be that this little cutie is 4 years old already? Beanie Boy is perhaps the most complex of our Beans, he is a sensitive little chap who seems to have grown up overnight. Beanie Boy was born just one day over his due date and just like his big sister before him, […]

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