Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas

Parents want their children to experience the joy of childhood. Art and craft ideas activities can bring immense pleasure to the little ones. They can enjoy it with only a few tools and materials. It is extremely important, especially during holidays, to keep the child’s learning passion intact. 

What Do Art And Craft Ideas Do For Children?

art and craft ideas

The primary purpose of art and craft ideas is to help children develop creative skills. Various techniques and approaches help children learn how to create such skills. Children can experiment, renovate, and design independently through arts and crafts activities. Activities encourage kids to become more independent, develop their fine motor skills, and learn to think logically.

Children can benefit from art and craft ideas in many ways. It promotes creativity, develops motor skills, improves decision-making abilities, and increases attention. Also, completing something independently boosts children’s self-esteem. What’s most important to children? It’s fun. This blog will share some of the best and most fun art and craft ideas that can be done at home and by children themselves.

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20 Easy Art and Craft Ideas For Children To Do At Home

1. Create Your Own Mosaic Pictures

Mosaic Pictures

Children are fascinated by colour, and it’s easy to set up this simple activity without needing special items. You only need glue, scissors, and coloured paper to get started. You can also assist your children by cutting old magazines into many different pieces and using them for mosaics.

2. Create Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments

You are interested in crafting but not sure what supplies you have at home? Here’s an activity you’ll love! Making the salt dough is as simple as combining flour, salt, and water. You can colour or paint your decorations, but if you do not have paint or pens, children will love to mix and roll the dough and cut it into different shapes before baking them.

3. Plant Seeds In Painted Plant Pot

Paint plant pots

Getting dirty with paint and getting messy is a significant part of this holiday project for children. Still, children can also add soil and seeds to grow something once your pot has been decorated. Children can paint on terracotta pots when you give them paints and some terracotta pots. When it comes to preserving their work outside, you’ll need to apply waterproof varnish. Make an air-drying clay pot or stencil motifs onto one for older children.

4. Build A Bug Hotel

Bug hotel

That is the best summer craft idea if you have a small patio or courtyard; you can use it even if you have safe access to a quiet outdoor space in the garden. Gather leaves, twigs, wood, and bark to create a hotel for creepy crawlies that children will enjoy exploring for weeks. It does not matter if you are socially isolated or do not have a private garden. You can build your insect hotel on a concrete patio or other outdoor areas if you have a concrete patio. Instead of gardening, grab your recycling box and get your creative juices flowing to create a standard bug hotel out of junk and craft the bugs to live inside!  

5. A Junked Pirate Ship

Pirate Craft

That is the best art and crafts to do at home with your children. In addition to the box from an Amazon delivery and the role of covering paper from an inside sheet, you can make a DIY pirate ship with a few basic materials. This method can also apply to fire trucks, superhero cars, etc. Building and playing with junk-model pirate ships is a great way to get children interested in building.

6. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas 1

Make magic with your own hands with this fun children’s craft project that is as entertaining to make as it is to play on. All you need is a few craft basics like tape, sequins, and beads, plus some mirror cards and some cardboard tubes from your kitchen.

7. Paint Your Fingers

paint hands

You can adapt these art and craft ideas for different age groups—one of the easiest and quickest ideas in this round-up. For preschoolers, it’s a great way to practice marking with their fingers and hands. Are they able to make dots? Do they make stripes? Which colours do they use? Although older children can also enjoy this. Play with ink and paint, paint or draw animal characters on your fingers, or make Easter eggs out of cardboard.

8. Create Mask At Home

Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas 2
Photo by Bicanski on Pixnio

Dress up and craft – our favourite combination. You do not need a kit of specialist crafts for this one because you can make your masks from cardboard and elastic strings, string, or ribbon. If your child has any specific interests, you can customize the mask to suit them. 

9. Stitching On Plastic Canvas


If you teach your children to stitch (within reason and according to their abilities), you will be surprised at how long they will sit still. You can train your child to cross-stitch with just a few simple supplies, and that is the most exciting holiday craft idea. 

10.  The Matchbox Challenge

matchbox challenge

The matchbox challenge is a creative craft idea that cannot be explained in words. Adapting this sweet craft for your children depends on their creativity and age. Children can fit as many items as they can in a matchbox through a simple home treasure hunt. Challenge your children to transform matchboxes into mini objects, landscapes or characters of their choice, and see whose creation is the best.

11. Make A Glitter Globe From A Jam Jar

Snow globe

Make your shaker snow globe without purchasing an expensive kit – grab a jam jar from your recycling bin and use this easy DIY project – children will enjoy it! Glycerin is generally used in DIY methods, but you can test with baby oil or clear glue instead of glycerin. Adding LEGO mini-figures to old Kinder Egg toys is another great way to decorate them.

12. Tape Hopscotch By Wasi Tape

Use that treasured Washi Tape from your craft kit in a practical and pretty way at last! You can also use masking tape as an alternative to parting with delicate things. Whether the floor is carpeted or hard, the tape can make indoor hopscotch in any house room.

13. Pavement Chalks Are A Lot Of Fun

Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas 3

That is the perfect art and craft idea for little artists. The children can draw outside, using coloured chalks and chalkboards that you can grab from an online store if you don’t already have any around the house.

14. Paint Rocks And Pebbles

rock painting

Paint some rocks with some paint! – this one is very self-explanatory! Acrylic or poster paints cover the pebble’s surface well, so they are ideal. Through the various community challenges, where people hide painted rocks in public, painted rocks have gained some popularity in recent years. You can use clear varnish to make your pebbles waterproof, but if you don’t have any around, your kids can paint some rocks and see what they can create! Getting the children to find rocks painted with letters and rearranging them to spell a word would be another way. 

15. Hama Beads Or Fuse Beads

Hama Beads

Say hello to your new favourite arts and crafts for children if you have not already discovered them. It is a fun activity for children of all ages to play with Hama beads (also known as fuse beads). A household iron can be used to melt or fuse the beads into permanent shapes after arranging the beads on a pegboard. 

Sorting beads into different colours can be fun for children of all ages while taking pictures of the beads can be fun for older children.

16. Scratch A Picture With Magic

Scratch art

With this simple activity, you’ll be amazed at the magical rainbow drawings that appear. You’ll need crayons, black paint, a painting brush, and tools to mark with (toothpicks, skewers, and an empty biro will do).

17. Create Your Own Stamps

Stamp Art

From toddlers to preschoolers and beyond, stamp making is one of the most loved children’s crafts. Potato printing can even challenge bored teenagers to create the best picture or design on T-shirts or totes using geometric triangles to be on-trend.

18.  Animals On Toilet Rolls

Get some loo rolls and a few essential art and craft supplies and create a zoo full of all kinds of creatures. With a few crayons, pens, paints, magazines, and glue, you can transform plain tubes into creepy crawlies, giant beasts, or friendly farm animals.

19. Create Loom Bands

Loom Bands

The loom band trend was huge a few years ago, but loom bands have never waned in popularity, and they are still popular with families the world over! In addition, these rubber bands are not just for teens – they can turn into an endless variety of bracelets using your fingers. 

20. Plastic Keyrings With Handprints Shrunk

Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas 4

Make your DIY keyrings by printing your handprints on shrink plastic and shrinking them to a tiny size. Your grandparents, friends, and other family members will love receiving these as gifts.


I hope that you enjoyed our 20 easy art and craft ideas for children to do at home. These art and craft ideas are fun and easy enough for children to complete independently, but they are also great for parents! You and your children should both enjoy today’s list of fun activities. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Begin your holidays with fun-filled art and craft ideas 5

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