17 Clever Uses of a Garden Shed

When you think of a garden shed, you may imagine a cluttered mess of garden tools or other items that don’t fit in the house. If you want to expand your home or are considering getting a new shed, below are 17 clever uses to consider.

17 Clever Uses of a Garden Shed
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Tool Storage

One of the most obvious uses for a garden shed is to store garden tools. If you are new to gardening, it may be worth investing in a shed large enough to keep your tools. This makes more space in the home and provides a safe space for your tools to be kept away from the children. Keeping your garden tools dry and safe is important to ensure they last.


With COVID-19 preventing many of us from hitting the gym, a home gym has never seemed like a better idea. Unfortunately, home gyms can be difficult to squeeze into a home, especially if you don’t have a spare room. Using a shed as a home gym means no clutter in the home and a reason to step outside and get active. Whilst the upfront cost may be more expensive than a monthly gym membership, considering how much money you could save over the years makes it worthwhile.


Garden Office
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If working from home is difficult with the many distractions that can occur from kids, partners and pets, creating an office in the shed may be the way to go. Not only can this feel more like you are going to work, as you’re actually leaving the house, it’s also a more private space to work or study. This can be used by both parents and children who need a silent space to work. Adding a height-adjustable desk like these from EverDesk+ makes the space more versatile and better for your posture too. All that’s left are some lights and heating makes for a warm, comfortable space to work.

Summer House

Have you always dreamed of having your own summer house? With a large enough shed, you can create the summer house of your dreams. Add some curtains, wallpaper and flooring alongside some stunning outdoor furniture and lighting and you have a beautiful space to spend summer after summer with family and friends.

Bike Shed

Do you cycle to and from work? Are you tired of having your bicycles in the hallway, bringing mud through the house? You can purchase bike sheds that are just the right size to store your family bikes. This means more room in the house and a safe, dry space to keep your bikes when not in use. A bike shed is a smaller and cheaper alternative if you don’t have much room in your garden.

Spare Room

Don’t have a spare room at home? This can make it difficult when guests come to visit. A shed can be more than just a storage facility. With the right insulation and additions, a shed can be transformed into a beautiful guest house for family and friends. You can add power to the shed if you have the knowledge and skills or get a professional to install plug sockets and lighting. For heat, use an electric heater or add a furnace for a beautiful guest house. You may even create a space you love so much that you choose to spend a few summer nights out in the shed yourself.


Do you create in your spare time or for work? If you need a better or bigger space, it may be worth investing in a shed. To find a garden shed to suit your needs, check out Shed Store. They have a huge range of sheds available online, including garden workshop sheds. These high-quality sheds allow a safe space to create and build, without making noise in the home and disturbing neighbours.

Writing Corner

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If you enjoy writing in your spare time and often don’t have the peace or space to do so, using your shed as a writing corner can help inspire beautiful stories or poetry. You can use this shed space any way you wish to encourage creativity. Add a desk, beanbag and plenty of quotes and art on the walls to inspire. Sometimes, getting out of the house and dedicating a space to writing is all you need to get your creative juices flowing.


Want more fun from your shed? Creating your own personal bar for summer nights with friends and family is a fun way to make use of your garden shed. If you often hold summer BBQs, why not transform your shed into your very own bar, with tables, drinks and your own beer taps?


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Do your kids lack space to play? Perhaps you’re worried about messy play being done in the house. Rather than worry about your flooring or furniture, why not make your shed a playroom for the kids? This provides more space and freedom to play with paints, sand and other messy items without fear of staining carpets. This is also a great idea if you work from home and want some well-needed peace.

Hobbies Room

Do you have your own hobby that takes up a lot of space? If you build model railways or are learning how to play the drums, it may be that the house isn’t the best option for this. A shed can be turned into a room suitable to practice any hobby.

Games Room

Games room
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Many of us have dreamt of having a games room within the home but often there just isn’t enough space. Sheds can be large enough to hold pool tables, dart boards, game machines and more. If you want your own dedicated space for gaming, consider using a steel shed.

Art Studio

Much like writing, sometimes artists need a dedicate, calm space to create work. Turning your shed into an art studio means plenty of space for your supplies and the opportunity to get messy without worrying.

Bin Storage

If you recycle, you may have a lot of bins which can take up space in the garden. If you don’t like the bins being left out in the garden, you may want to use the shed as a dry space to keep the bins out of sight. This can keep the garden pretty and without smells.

Pet Shed

If you have pets, you may want to provide them with their own space to roam free. This can be their permanent home or space they can do whatever they want. A garden shed makes the perfect space for rabbits, so any rabbit owners may want to transform their shed to keep their pets warm and healthy.

Recording Studio

Recording studio
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If you are a member of a band or just starting out in music, a garden shed offers the perfect place to practice without complaints from family and neighbours. If you are planning to practice with your band, be sure to add some soundproofing to the shed.

Living Area

If you just want to add another room in the house where you can chill out and spend time as a family, a garden shed can offer this, without the cost of adding a conservatory.

Garden sheds are being used for more than just junk storage, with people having all kinds of brilliant and creative uses for their shed. Above are just 17 clever uses you might want to think about.

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