• Valspar

    Refreshing the lounge with Valspar paint

    We have been in our house for over 5 years now and the lounge hasn’t been redecorated since the first week we moved in. Yes we have changed the curtains, rug and cushions to give it a facelift but not a full-on redecoration. That all changed in February when it was all change. In the […]

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  • 4imprint Power of Product Colour

    Do you know the power of product colour?

    Every day decisions are made based on colours, choosing what clothes we are going to wear, what accessories to team them with, the colour of our hair, how to decorate the home, even buying a car. We make lots of decisions based on colour. When setting up a new business you choose colours to represent the business; I […]

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  • Feng Shui

    Would you consider using Feng Shui?

    I have always been interested in things like Feng Shui and doing things a little differently. Many people consider such things to be a load of nonsense but from what I can see the Eastern cultures are very clever, successful and wealthy people so it can’t all be wrong. For many years I have owned […]

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