• Online learning

    The benefits of studying online

    The online study makes learning accessible, even around other commitments or ventures. Some people choose to study while they raise children, work or travel. Other people simply do not suit being sat in a lecture theatre and prefer having control of their learning. Of course, it is not for everyone – we all have different […]

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  • Love Writing Co

    Love Writing Co Improving Albie’s Handwriting Skills

    #ad Learning to write doesn’t come naturally for all children and I personally feel that the teaching of cursive writing at school makes the process even more complicated and messy. Introducing Love Writing Co Albie has been sent a beginner’s pack of Love Writing Co stationery and handwriting practice books to help improve his writing […]

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  • Self-Learning

    Self-Learning Methods Are Lending Working Mothers With A Helping Hand

    Most of the working mothers are always consumed with guilt as they are not always available for their children when they need them. They also feel guilty for their inability to contribute adequately to the present learning procedure of their children. Working mothers are always facing concern on how they can actually boost the academic […]

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  • Learn a musical instrument

    Should I Encourage My Child to Learn a Musical Instrument?

    There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument, for both children and adults. Of course, it can be quite costly and it doesn’t always come naturally to every single child, but the positive impact it will have will make it a worthwhile investment. With that said, the short answer is yes, you should […]

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  • Creative Writing

    Helping Your Child with Creative Writing at Home

    Creative writing is a skill that can benefit your child academically, personally and professionally. It is also a really fun activity to practice with your child at home. Creative Writing Ideas Parents can help to develop their child’s imagination and writing skills, using some really simple and fun techniques. Here are a few creative writing […]

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