• Craft to keep them entertained at Half Term! 1

    Craft to keep them entertained at Half Term!

    As the weeks of the new school year are flying by it’s hard to believe that we are only a few short weeks away from the October Half Term holiday. Unless we are really lucky with the weather, the likelihood is that we will be spending a lot more time indoors during Half Term so […]

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  • Halloween Top Picks 2

    Halloween Top Picks

    Do you do Halloween? I have to admit I’m not big on taking the children out ‘Trick or Treating’ although last year they did walk around our neighbours who had a pumpkin outside as we figured that meant they were ‘open’ to Halloween visitors. It’s that fine line between not spoiling the children’s fun when […]

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  • Halloween Crafts from Stampin Up! 3

    Halloween Crafts from Stampin Up!

    Do you remember by post from a few months back where I went for a ‘How To’ class with Little Bean and Stampin Up!? We had great fun then as it was my first real attempt at Stamping crafts (despite the fact that I work in a craft shop!!). Well in case you had forgotten […]

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  • Look what Clintons started . . .

    When I was sent a few Halloween bits and pieces from Clintons I set a plan into motion. We’re not big on trick or treating for Halloween in the Mummy Matters household but at the same time we don’t want our children to not have fun and get into the spirit of Halloween so whilst […]

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