• Toilet

    The Criteria of Selecting A Highly Efficient Toilet

    If you live your life with efficiency in mind, then you want to make sure that everything you own, including your toilet, can fit in with this ethos. You might not think that toilets differ in efficiency, but believe it or not, toilets can account for up to 30% of your total household water consumption. […]

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  • Wedding

    Planning the Perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding

    Wedding planning can be extremely stressful but there are hundreds of checklists and guides that are usually available to help. However, it can be harder when you’re looking to plan an eco-friendly wedding. While it’s possible some people may find it more difficult as there are various things that they will need to look at […]

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  • Sunset

    There is no planet B.

    On average, £3,500 worth of a child’s wardrobe ends up in a landfill. Although babies and children grow out of their wardrobe unsurprisingly quick, many items of clothing that get thrown away have barely even been worn. In total, a third of clothing goes to landfill, losing all its value. This is according to research […]

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  • Environment

    Introducing children to eco-friendly living

    It seems that here in the UK, we’re one of the biggest culprits for living precarious lifestyles and neglecting the planet in the process. In fact, it’s recently been announced that there are a number of cities that have been named and shamed for breaching air pollution levels this year, including London, Leeds and Sheffield, […]

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