• Blue paint roller

    When Is the Best Time for Home Renovation?

    If you think that the best time for the home renovation is when you have a budget for it, you would be partially right. Although the extent of works done on your home will depend on your budget, you will also need to plan them according to the climate and weather conditions outside. While some […]

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  • Relaxing

    Preparing Your New Home For Your Move

    Moving into a new home can be thrilling. Of course, there are plenty of tasks that you need to keep in the forefront of your mind before you actually make your move. A new home is a chance to start from scratch. This means that you definitely want to be sure to give yourself and […]

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  • painting

    Tips for Painting a Small Bathroom

    Many of us are living with a small bathroom and there’s not much we can do about it if there’s no room or money to expand the space. There’s no need for despair, though, as by being clever with paint, an illusion of space can be created. Use lighter colours You don’t have to stick […]

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  • Metal

    Test Your Interior Design Metal

    If you’re in the middle of making interior design choices, you’ve probably encountered all of the usual dilemmas and smashed them out of your way.   Which colour scheme should you choose? BANG! Decision made! Do you want closed or open storage? KABOOM! Sorted. Do you want a feature wall and – if you do […]

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