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Start your spring cleaning with Viakal . . .

Do you dream of owning a bathroom like the ones in those glittery boutique hotels? I do! When we first bought our house one thing I was really looking forward to was having a brand new bathroom that hadn’t already been ruined by years of limescale from other people. I had these grand visions of always having a sparkly, shiny bathroom suite but then two weeks after moving in Beanie Boy arrived whilst Hubby and I do clean our three bathrooms regularly, with four children they soon get very messy again AND on top of that we live in a hard limescale area so it’s a thankless task!!


However, I have found help, unfortunately NOT in the form of a Cleaner to come and do the work for me but the next best thing – Viakal!

  • Formula helps remove limescale
  • Prevents limescale return
  • Leaves a shine that lasts
  • Great for use in kitchen and bathroom
  • Removes watermarks

Using Viakal products regularly will ensure that you never have to look at unsightly limescale or watermarks again and it won’t damage your bathroom suite like some cleaners can.


We have been using Viakal for about two months now and can definitely see the difference, although it didn’t remove some of the more difficult to reach limescale with the first use it is gradually wearing it away and there has also been a noticeable difference in the reduction of limescale returning. Now that we have got back to better looking glass we are using our Karcher Window Vac to clear away the moisture after showers which of course means there is even less chance of limescale forming so it’s time to light a few candles, crack open a bottle of wine and find myself a good book to read although I think it’s probably best that I try all of that in the bath as it might not work so well in the shower!

What are your tips for creating a hotel-inspired bathroom?

DISCLAIMER: We received a bathroom hamper of Viakal products, towels and candles for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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