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Panasonic 6in1 Wet/Dry Epilator

I have been de-fuzzing myself for as long as I care to remember, being a tactile person I like ‘smooth’! I began shaving when I was a teenager and then in my 20’s I moved onto epilation after a recommendation from a friend and I haven’t looked back. My previous epilator was only a very cheap one so I used it mainly for my bikini line and legs but I would still shave too so that I could get all the hairs that my cheap epilator missed.


Before Christmas I was gifted the Panasonic 6in1 Wet/Dry Epilator as part of my role as a Panasonic Brit Blogger. The last time I used a razor was the first week of December. Since then I have been completely razor-free because my Epilator does EVERYTHING that I need and more. No more having to shave afterwards because the Panasonic gets every last little hair.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the Epilator was how perfectly it fits into the palm of my hand, it isn’t too heavy or too bulky. It is smooth, sleek, lightweight and cordless meaning you can epilate wherever you are most comfortable. It comes with four interchangeable heads, two of which have a dual use, a comb for cleaning, a charging adaptor and a soft storage pouch to keep everything together.

6in1 Functions

The Epilation Head for legs and arms is the pink frame to the far right in the picture below. This switches with the other pink frame you see on the Epilation Head which is the Gentle Cap which is perfect to use where the skin tends to be a little more sensitive. The leg/arms cap is perfect for epilating the legs and arms quickly and efficiently without the need to keep going over and over the same area repeatedly.

Next is the foot care head which is my other favourite. After each shower I give the soles of my feet a quick once over with this and in doing so I am saying goodbye to hard skin on my feet. The attachment is tough enough to banish hard skin but yet gentle enough that it won’t take away the good skin leaving you sore.

The Epilation head for the bikini line and under arms is the one with the narrowest working area. It takes away all that you need without leaving you looking like a plucked chicken!

Finally the shaver head has two options, with the clear cap on it acts as a bikini comb to trim and without it gives a close shave.

Wet/Dry Epilation

As the name would tell you, the Epilator can be used wet or dry in the bath and shower. I’m not a bath fan so I have tested mine out in the shower and have been impressed by it’s performance. Using foam helps to protect the skin and prevent drying out. A good tip is to wet the discs before epilation begins and then add a drop of shower gel to the discs, switch the epilator on and the shower gel will foam up allowing the epilator to smoothly across the skin.

The dual wide discs feature 48 tweezers  which can capture hairs as shorts as 0.5mm, removing them quickly and easily. I won’t tell you fibs, epilation ISN’T pain-free but it’s certainly nowhere near as painful as childbirth or hitting your thumb with a hammer (I have done that one a few times). The pain is minor and it is over in a few minutes leaving you smooth, hair-free skin and I have personally found that the longer I have been epilating the less hairs I have grow back over time.

Guiding Light and Soft Function

It isn’t always easy to see if you have missed any hairs when epilating but with the LED light on the front it’s very easy to see where you have and haven’t been making it much quicker and easier to get the job done. The pivoting head means it is easier to follow the contours of your body and the soft function makes it a little less ouchy in the more sensitive areas.


The epilator comes with a little brush to get rid of any hair build up but cleaning couldn’t be easier by just running it under water to wash all the hairs away.

Battery Life

I fully charged the battery when I first received it and have used the epilator every weekend since I received it to do my underarms, legs, bikini area and on my feet to banish hard skin. The first time I needed to recharge it was last weekend so I was pretty astounded. This would be the ideal travel companion as you wouldn’t need to take the charger on holiday with you, just charge it up before you go and I am sure you will have more than enough battery life.

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  1. The Write Girl
    November 24, 2015 / 2:04 pm

    Thanks you for the review ! its best things its not expensive ! its a great gift idea !

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