It’s the small things . . .

It’s true you know, its the small things that really count!  In my previous post, I told you how I had taken Little Bean out for a special Mother/Daughter day and what a lovely day it was.  I knew that Little Bean had enjoyed herself because she told me what a lovely day she’d had when I was putting her to bed.

Quality time

It's the small things - quality time

Yesterday we had to return to the shop to collect the plate and egg cup after it had been glazed and fired.  We went along with Hubby, Curly and Beanie Boy whereupon Little Bean very excitedly told ‘Bro’ (Curly) “this is where Mummy and I came to do painting Bro, we had a special day”.

It’s the small things

Today, we had to go through Stamford again (long story) and as we did so, Little Bean began yelling “Bro, Bro, this is where Mummy and I did painting.  We had a special day just for Mummy and me.  Look, Bro, I’ll show you where the paint shop is”.  I explained to her that we wouldn’t actually be going past the paint shop today because it was on a different road, cue disappointed face and whimper from Little Bean who then said: “but I wanted to show Bro Mummy!”

Being the big softy that I am, I made a slight detour to go past the paint shop and Little Bean became excited once more shouting “there Bro, look, that’s the paint shop.  I had a special day with Mummy there!”.

I really must make sure that I keep up our ‘Special Days’ as they have clearly made a big impression on her.  Yesterday and today she has been especially cuddly with me, isn’t that one of the best parts of being a Mummy?

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