Pregnant lady preparing for new baby

A Stress-Free Guide to Preparing For a New Baby

Preparing for a new baby can be an exciting albeit only slightly terrifying experience, especially when you allow yourself to consider all there is to think about. It’s astounding just how much first-time parents need to find and then do in the lead-up to your due date!

The Baby Show Breakdown

Pregnant lady preparing for new baby

We know how tricky it can be keeping everything in mind when you’re expecting, so we’re here to help. Follow this easy guide for making sure you’ve got everything you need from your baby shop.

1. One-stop baby shop

Lady with baby stroller

A great example of this would be this baby shop in Melbourne, which boasts a great variety of essentials, from strollers, car seats, and clothing, to nursery fittings and other in-home essentials. There are two fantastic pros about finding yourself a dedicated baby shop with an extensive inventory. First of all, a dedicated baby shop comes equipped with knowledgeable and experienced staff, who will most definitely be able to answer any pressing questions you might have about your baby prep.

Never underestimate the benefits of stellar customer service, especially when you’ve got a time-sensitive task on your hands. And believe them when they say that no question is a silly question. Many, many people have been where you are now, and we all get through this the same way: semi-blindly until our support system, kind strangers, and customer service workers help us out. Secondly, a well-stocked baby shop means you won’t need to run around town sourcing particular items. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress if you follow this preliminary step in your baby prep process.

2. Make a list

Making a list

Lists can be an incredibly efficient way of making sure you’ve found everything that you need before your baby comes. A surefire way of making sure you’ve thought of absolutely everything is creating separate lists by placing items into different categories. For instance, you could make yourself a ‘nursery list’ for all your nursery furniture and other decor needs.

You could have a ‘new baby clothing’ list, a ‘toiletries’ list, a ‘meals and kitchenware’ list, and a ‘baby outings’ list too. Making these smaller lists will also provide you and your support system with a greater sense of overall direction, as well as further simplifying the process rather than if you were to have an extensive, all-encompassing list that may feel impossible to finish. If you feel at a loss as to what you should be including on your baby checklist, there are a plethora of template lists available online.

3. Storage and organisation

Toys on a nursery shelf

Over the course of your pregnancy, you’ll find that you’ll be sourcing more items than you can manage, and it may be tricky keeping track of what you have and what you don’t. This can easily be combated by storing everything in your nursery as you build it up. If you organise your home with the future in mind, it’ll be a lot easier for you and your support system to navigate the maze of supplies that has a real power to invade your home if you allow it to. Practising mindful organisation will help you simultaneously prepare both yourself as well as your home for the arrival of your new baby.

Finally, it’s also always recommended that you maintain communication between you, your partner, and your close friends and family members, especially when it comes to the final few months of new baby prep. If you’re getting help with sourcing supplies, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has copies of your lists so you don’t end up with far more than you may need. Communicating with your friends and family will also provide you with all the support you’ll need in your final few months of baby prep, and believe me when I say that having the support of these people can make a world of difference.

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