Trolley Bags

Don’t want to pay the Carrier Bag charge? Try Trolley Bags!

Since the 5th October 2015 the UK has gone slightly mad over the Carrier Bag charge, sure it’s going to take some time to get used it (I’m always cursing when I get into a shop and realise I forgot to take bags with me again) but it’s been the norm in Wales for some time now and it’s not going to go away.

The bag tax has already been implemented in other areas of the UK, with an initial 71% drop in carrier bag usage in Northern Ireland after the charge was introduced in 2013, a fall in Wales by 78.2% since 2010 and an 80% decrease in Scotland subsequent to introduction last year.

When it comes to the big food shop though, we have it sorted. Last week Trolley Bags arrived in our life and Hubby thinks they are amazing (because he does the big shop now to save me the stress of doing it with little people in tow). He says they are really simple to use and got a lot of interest on his maiden shop with them. I first saw Trolley Bags over on ChelseaMama’s blog and was instantly impressed. Luckily for me, I was contacted by Trolley Bags just a few days later to ask if we would like to give them a whirl and they have revolutionised our shopping trip.

Trolley Bags

Being a family of 6 we chose to review the Large Shoppers for a normal size trolley but they also do Shallow Shoppers for the shallow shopping trolleys. The Large Shoppers are more than big enough for our needs, we were also surprised by just how sturdy they are.

There’s no way that I could describe them as well as Trolley Bags themselves so I want to share their video with you below, it really is as simple and convenient as it looks (and they are bright and cheerful too). The one thing we have had to get ourselves into the habit of though is putting the Trolley Bags straight back into Hubby’s car boot ready for the next shopping trip, because they aren’t very useful sitting at home!

Now we just need our local Tesco to sort us out with our own Scan as you Shop and shopping will be a breeze even with the Beans to help!

DISCLAIMER: We were gifted the Trolley Bags in exchange for our honest opinion. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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