How do you diet? 1

How do you diet?

DSC_0115 Before having my children I was one of the lucky ones who could eat exactly what I wanted and it didn’t make a difference to my weight but since having the children my metabolism has most definitely changed and now every little lump and bump shows. It has had a big effect on my confidence, I no longer enjoy going out shopping for clothes (I think I heard my hubby breathe a sigh of relief then) because I struggle to find clothes which make me feel nice.

After having Jelly Bean people would comment on how quickly I was getting my shape back and yes to a certain degree it did drop off but not where it mattered to me, not on those ‘problem’ areas, the hips, bum and tummy. My Hubby is well trained and tells me all the time that I always look gorgeous to him but I don’t feel good in my own skin and that’s not great.

Since I stopped breastfeeding Jelly Bean and no longer need to up the calories for his sake I have been doing Slimfast because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it too much BUT I do wonder what sort of message this gives to my children. How come Mummy doesn’t sit and eat lunch anymore? How come Mummy tells us that we need to eat but she isn’t?? You get the picture don’t you! I have also noticed something else, since going on the Slimfast I feel EXHAUSTED to the point that I could fall asleep at any point throughout the day. I have started drinking coffee again to combat the tiredness and I have even managed a few early nights but still I feel like I have no energy whatsoever, far worse than when I was feeding Jelly Bean 2-3 times per night. I can only assume that this is down to the Slimfast and that I am possibly now not getting enough calories???

Any ideas on what I should try instead because I am determined to get my shape back, I still have about one and a half stone to reach my target. What would you suggest?

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