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Birthday Gift Ideas: Wicked Uncle #ad

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Hands up, how many of you have had a lockdown birthday for your kids or have got one coming up? Buying gifts for children might have been made a little more difficult by not being able to browse at the shops so instead you need to find birthday gift ideas online. We have Lillie’s birthday coming up in a few weeks so I know. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to rethink your shopping options.

My children tend to come under two categories when it comes to choosing presents, neither of them is particularly helpful:

  1. The huge list with some ridiculously expensive things on or
  2. I’m not really sure what I want maybe just put some money in my card (not helpful!)

A lot of us may be feeling guilty if parties have had to be cancelled or your usual family get together can no longer go ahead. We are living in strange times, that’s for sure! But fear not, you can still spoil the birthday boy or girl with some cool birthday gift ideas, I’ve even put a few ideas at the end of this article.

Wicked Uncle to the rescue

Wicked Uncle

No matter how old we all get, everybody likes to have something to open on their birthday – a surprise all wrapped up in shiny paper just waiting to be ripped open. So with a lockdown birthday, we want to make even more of an effort to make their day feel special.

As parents, we probably have some idea as to what our little darlings would like as a gift. We know what they already have and what they are into for starters but family members may be struggling for ideas. This is where Wicked Uncle comes to save the day.

Gift Finder

Birthday gift ideas

Let’s step into the shoes of a Wicked Uncle or an Awesome Auntie – these relatives may not have children of there own – they probably don’t watch kid’s TV and may not know what is currently in vogue in the world of toys, games and accessories.

If they head online they will be greeted with a plethora of wonderful ideas but what should they choose? Do they have a girly niece or a tomboy niece – are they adventurous or crafty? How old are they?

On Wicked Uncle, you can search under categories for boys and girls from babies right up to 105! Yes, 105-year-olds are big kids too.

Still stuck for ideas? There are yet more categories from adventurers to brainiacs; books and toys to sensory products – there is a whole stack of fabulous birthday gift ideas.

Trending Gifts

Need more help and ideas? There is a whole page dedicated to popular products, you can look through all or look at age-specific popular products such as a Unicorn Cake Baking Kit or a Jelly Fish Mood Tank.

Gift Wrapping Service

Gift wrapped

The convenient thing about ordering online is that you can also choose to have the present gift wrapped and it can be delivered straight to the person in question. During a time of lockdown, this is even more helpful at saving time and making the gift feel like a gift, not a delivery.

Virtual Parties

We may not get to see our family and friends in person at the moment but, it doesn’t mean that they can’t join in with the celebrations. Plenty of families are having Zoom get-togethers, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents can log in to watch their grandchildren open their presents and join together to sing “Happy birthday” online.

My Wicked Uncle Top Picks

Horrible Histories Board Game

Lockdown birthday shopping

From the Rotten Romans to the Vile Victorians and beyond, this brilliantly entertaining game takes you on a journey through history. Move round the board by answering a question from three (often very odd!) answers or perform an action, like miming Admiral Nelson. For 2 to 4 players, watch out for cheeky Rattus and his Horrible Chance cards, from being press-ganged into the navy to being accused of witchcraft! With over 600 questions, packed with foul facts and hilariously misleading possible answers, fabulous fun!

Baby Bunny Felting

Birthday Gift Ideas: Wicked Uncle #ad 1

This delightful kit contains everything you need to create your own needle-felted bunny rabbit. Follow the full step by step instructions to transform the fluffy wool into a 3D sculpture using the felting needles provided. Pop in the glass eyes and watch your bunny come to life! Presented in a pretty cardboard carry box, this is the perfect present for beginners and amateurs alike. Simply adorable!

Camping Projector

Birthday Gift Ideas: Wicked Uncle #ad 2

This fun 11cm projector displays images up to one metre wide onto walls and ceilings and features 24 camp-themed images, including animals, night sky, campfires and more. The handheld starlight projector will create a magical night sky wherever you are camping, outdoors or in your den in the bedroom. The campfire nightlight will make you feel cosy and snug in your tent or den and has 15-minute auto shut-off to preserve battery life. Perfect for the adventurer – you can almost smell the toasting marshmallows!

Liquid Reactor Super Lab

Birthday Gift Ideas: Wicked Uncle #ad 3

Discover out of this world creatures through fizzing and bubbling reactions with this entertaining 15 piece set. Simply drop one of the two Reactor Pods into the chamber and pump in water with the hydroplungers. Then watch the fizzing, bubbling reaction to reveal the fun alien inside, the Beaker Creature. The fully illustrated experiment guide also has step-by-step instructions for five different fun experiments, including Alien Slime Time and Deep Blue sea. Fascinating and fun science – the Beaker Creatures have landed!

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