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Backyard Ideas for Instant Charm

Owning a backyard is considered a privilege and an honour, but countless homeowners waste the opportunity to transform their backyard into something special. Instead, they convert this little patch of open space into a storage unit and pile up junk. However, it takes so little to instantly turn the yard into a charming place where the whole family can enjoy sipping drinks or lounging in a hammock. These are just a couple of activities you could do in the garden if you implement some of the following ideas that are bound to reshape the whole backyard.

Building a fire pit

Fire Pit
Photo by Sanjeev Grover on Unsplash

Even during summer, it can get chilly at night, making the backyard space unusable. You could turn things around with a simple feature that will make it possible to extend the stay outdoors deep into the night. DIY fire pits are the latest trend this season, as they are easy to install and can potentially become your yard’s social hub at night. Your friends and family members can all get under a blanket and tell stories all night while roasting marshmallows on sticks. Who would have thought that a circular stone formation with a fire inside had the power to create such memorable moments?

A hedge with mirrors

Garden mirrors

If you are feeling extravagant, then a hedge adorned with mirrors is the perfect thing for you. This is a neat design for those yards with an ugly-looking wall on one side that needs decorating. Vertical landscaping will add another dimension to your backyard and make the whole space appear higher and, therefore, bigger. Nobody would be able to peek inside your backyard because of the foliage, and you can look at yourself in any of the mirrors you choose to hang. Since they will sit outside, you can get vintage mirrors that someone had thrown away. Of course, they have to be in one piece.

A clean backyard

Photo by Daniel Zurnau on Unsplash

The problem with some yards is that they haven’t been cleaned for so long that they have lost their original appearance. Underneath all that muck and worthless junk accumulated over the years lies a beautiful garden just waiting to be unearthed! If this is the case with your backyard, roll up your sleeves and prepare to scrub hard in a thorough exterior house cleaning spree or even better, hire many of the companies that specialize in outdoor cleaning to clean the backyard for you. Just make sure they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions as you don’t want to harm the backyard’s ecosystem.

Planting a garden

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The reason why you shouldn’t use any industrial chemicals when cleaning the backyard is to protect the soil and keep it fertile so you can grow a garden. Even if you aren’t a green thumb, you can still maintain a garden because there are so many instructional videos online that can help you learn the ropes of gardening. Once you become skilled, you could start composting and even growing organic vegetables used in your family’s diet. And all this thanks to the decision to finally clean up the backyard. Make sure to invest in the right outdoor planters for your garden in order to achieve the best results. With large outdoor planters, you can easily organize your flowers and vegetables into neat rows and enjoy a wonderful view from the patio or balcony. Plus, they keep out pests that could damage your plants and provide better air circulation for them.

A garden set

Garden furniture
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In order to maximize the use of the backyard, you firstly need a place to sit down or even lie down. The best way to start introducing furniture to the yard is to place a garden set near the house consisting of a table and a few chairs. Because they are going to stay outside, make sure they are made from a durable and water-resistant material such as plastic. When the weather is fine, you could have dinner outside to start anthropologically reclaiming the space of the backyard, because a disused space cannot really be owned by anyone.

A splash pad for the kids

Splash Pad
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you are firm in your decision to spruce up the backyard, then you are probably doing this because of the children. You want them to have their own piece of nature where they can play and enjoy the fresh air. Well, there is no better way to lure them out of the house and make them set aside their tablets than a splash pad or natural playground. This water feature is easy to install and it doesn’t cost much but it is an endless source of fun during hot summer days. Once the nozzles start spraying water all over the place, the neighbourhood children will flock to your backyard. Also, there are many fun garden projects that can involve your children in gardening, and that means spending more precious time together.

Putting into action any of the 6 ideas listed above will instantly turn your once dull backyard into a charming oasis of fun and relaxation. In the end, you will regret not redesigning your garden sooner!

Backyard Ideas for Instant Charm

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