The Top 5 Benefits of Converting to Solar Power Energy

By now, you’ve no doubt heard some of the benefits of solar power energy. So then, why have you still not converted your home to solar power yet?

Perhaps you’re still unconvinced that the benefits of solar energy are worth the installation price. That’s why we’re here: to push you over that fence you’re teetering on.

The Top 5 Benefits of Converting to Solar Power Energy

Today, we’re going to illuminate you with the 5 best advantages of converting to solar power energy. Not only do these amazing features benefit the planet, but they also save you money in the long run.

Read on to learn 5 great reasons why all homeowners should convert to solar energy.

1. Solar Power Energy Is the Eco-Friendly Choice

Solar energy is green, clean, and 100% renewable. Harvesting the energy of the sun creates absolutely 0 pollutions of any kind.

And it replenishes itself automatically, in amounts greater than we could ever harvest. When you use solar power, you’re not diminishing the supply of any resources.

Plus, every bit of solar energy you consume is a bit of oil, natural gas, and coal that isn’t consumed. The more people there are who convert to solar energy, the cleaner the planet gets.

To put it in perspective, only 17% of all electricity in the U.S. is generated using renewable sources. The other 83%, then, is generated using means that shorten the lifespan of our planet.

2. It Will Lower Your Energy Bill

Now, it’s true that conversion to solar power can’t promise enormous savings on your electric bill. There are a lot of factors to consider when calculating potential savings.

It depends on how much power your solar panels generate. And that depends on how big the panels’ square footage is, how efficient they are, and how much sunlight they get.

Given all these factors, the energy they generate could be a very small percentage of your home’s energy needs or a large one. They might even generate more energy than your home requires. In that case, your solar power could cover 100% of your energy bill.

Regardless, you will save at least some amount from your electricity/heating bill.

3. It Safeguards Against Blackouts

Here’s another reason why converting to solar power is more important than ever before. Namely, our other, outdated methods of harvesting energy can no longer produce enough to meet demands. The fact is, there’s not enough of this energy to go around.

That’s one reason why blackouts are becoming longer and more common in the U.S. Another is that the electric companies themselves aren’t large enough to handle the increased demand.

Housing districts are being developed and inhabited faster than many electric companies can keep up with. They scarcely have enough resources and employees to properly maintain all the electrical lines in their jurisdiction. And some components of these electrical systems have been in place for more than 100 years.

Using solar power, however, gives you an energy “cushion,” a reserve of spare energy to keep your electricity running when the rest of your neighbourhood is out of power. And it’s a lot cleaner than the alternative: a gas-burning generator. To be more independent from the grid you can choose your home energy station to accumulate solar energy from panels or power your house with an electric vehicle’s battery. Even better, using solar power means that you’re doing your part to take the strain off of the public energy grid.

4. It Often Qualifies You For Government Incentives

Due to the reasons we just stated, the government considers the widespread use of solar power a very high priority. In order for everyone in the nation to have enough energy, homeowners and businesses must start relying more on renewable energy sources.

That’s why the government has stepped in many times with tax breaks and other incentives for homes and businesses that convert to solar power. The current federal tax rebate plan for solarising your home is 26% off the total cost of your solar energy system.

In 2021, this reduces to 22%. Then, the year after that, the tax rebate is unavailable until further notice.

Such incentives are subject to change, however. New incentives may be added to these and different counties may offer specific solar incentives of their own. So, when you search online for “home solar companies near me,” it’s worth it to also research any government incentives for converting to solar in your local area.

5. It Keeps Getting Cheaper

As more and more solar energy companies enter the business, prices continue to get more competitive. Converting to solar energy is cheaper than it has ever been and will likely continue this trend.

So, fortunately, by the time the solar tax incentive ends, prices may fall low enough to make up for it. In other words, there will never be a bad time to go solar.

Furthermore, the maintenance costs of solar energy systems are very minimal. Most of these systems have no moving parts that can break down. Plus, some companies offer a warranty that covers the system for 20 years or more.

Experience These Benefits of Solar Power Energy

Have you converted to solar power energy yet? If not, you now have plenty of good reasons to do so.

Compare solar conversion companies in your local area and experience the benefits of solar energy for yourself. Also, share this guide with others to spread the good news about solar power conversion.

Converting to solar power is far from the only way to improve your home. And we have many more valuable home/lifestyle improvement tips like this to share with you. Learn the best ways to disinfect your home from COVID-19, our top tips on increasing home value, and more on our Home blog.

The Top 5 Benefits of Converting to Solar Power Energy 1

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