We all need a #RedHotHitofHappiness every now and then right . . .

If I were to receive an email asking “would you like to receive some biscuits?” I would be daft to say no would’t I?! Well, if that email were to say “would you like to receive some ‘chocolate’ biscuits?” surely it would be illegal to say no, right?! Come on back me up here will you?

I have been working exceptionally hard recently, I’ve been trying to get our house into some form of order, I’ve been doing a parenting course, my blog, doing lots of Christmas crafts with the Beans, Christmas shopping and trying to catch up with friends and relatives before Christmas arrives and all the usual stuff that comes with a family of 6 and honestly, I’m S.H.A.T.T.E.R.E.D!! I don’t honestly think I would know how to lead a relaxed way of life, I would probably just collapse into a heap so I just keep on going.


My #RedHotHitofHappiness came in the form of a scrumptious box of goodies from Bahlsen Biscuits who had just had a hot new makeover (they were previously blue and now they are a hot and festive red) and I don’t mind tell you that Hubby and I consumed a whole packed of biscuits in just one sitting. I do however feel slightly embarrassed to tell you that earlier that day I also consumed another packed of biscuits with a little bit of help from the Beans (but not much). Well, this blogging lark is tough you know. They come in an array of yummy flavours, my favourites being Coconut and Hazelnut (so far).

Some time over the Christmas break I also intend on putting my feet up with a big cup of tea, my Red magazine and yet another packet of Bahlsen Hit biscuits all in the name of blogging whilst the Beans play merrily in the playroom. Now be a dear and close the door on your way out please?

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