Kitchen trends for 2019

My favourite kitchen trends

We have lived in our new build house for over 8 years now and whilst I still love our kitchen, it is starting to look a little tired so I’ve been crooning over Pinterest, Google and home magazines to get a feel for the latest Kitchen Trends for 2019 . . . just in case we win the lottery!!

Mixed Kitchen Materials

Marble countertops

Gone are the days of having everything matchy-matchy, now it’s time to embrace a combination of materials to give the kitchen some depth and interest. I have always loved the idea of marble countertops but was worried about caring for them. The Marble Store has some great advice on how to keep your marble in tip-top condition. A little more window-shopping led me to the Carrara marble worktop which would make a timeless addition to any kitchen. Contrast it with Terrazzo flooring, a composite that consists of glass, marble, granite and quartz and bold cabinets for a striking look.

Move over Stainless Steel Sinks

So let’s talk sinks for a moment. Hardly the sexiest item in the kitchen are they? Or could they be? The latest trend is to have a sink with a bit of personality, designers are adding metallic accents, different colours and even embossed sinks for that extra wow factor. Nowadays you can find sinks with removable chopping boards, integrated pot holders, ice buckets and coasters which are perfect for those with a more Bijoux kitchen try to maximise on space.

Original Cabinet Handles

Kitchen trends

If you are looking to update your kitchen on a budget then one of the quickest ways to make a big impact is to change the cabinet handles. Ideally, it would be nice to change the doors too if you can afford it but handles are a good place to start. Think outside the box by adding leather strips as handles or head to a reclamation yard for some truly vintage designs. If you are looking to change the doors too then I really like the cutaway handles for a flush finish – could it be something to do with the number of times I bang my knee on the cupboard handles or because I like the minimalist look?

An Indoor Herb Garden

I’m not a chef by any stretch of the imagination but I have very keen senses and love the idea of walking into a kitchen that is not only bursting with colour but smells amazing. One trend which has really caught my eye is that of the indoor herb garden. Not only would it look great but in feng shui terms it would be a great addition too because it’s an abundance of life, growth and healthy living.

Colour Pops

Kitchen Trends

Sometimes having too much of one colour can be a little overpowering or even a little underwhelming so I like to break up colours with a colour pop of something which really contrasts. Our current theme is a cream kitchen with cream cabinets but with bright red colour pops throughout. What I really love about this design is that we can quickly change the colour pop when we get fed up with the red without it costing us a fortune.

There are a number of great kitchen design trends this year from the matte appliances to the pendant lighting and copper accents but right now they aren’t on my radar. What kitchen trends have piqued your interest so far in 2019?

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