Keeping children entertained when flying . . . 1

Keeping children entertained when flying . . .


We haven’t got as far as taking our little monsters abroad for a holiday yet, our last family holiday that involved flying was when I was just 10 weeks pregnant with Little Bean. At that time Curly was just 6 years old and keeping him entertained on a 3 hour flight was quite taxing on us. He wasn’t one for sitting still, or being quiet so we had to make sure that we packed as many things as possible to keep him busy.

I would recommend packing Young Travellers a small bag of their own with a few of their favourite items in it, crayons, colouring books, favourite toy figures, a book to read and perhaps a cuddly toy to snuggle with in case they are feeling tired OR you could Fly Emirates and let them do that for you with their goodie bags which are given to all young high-flyers in their own rucksack.

The Fly Emirates rucksack contains a snuggly monster, a fleece blanket, eye mask and a Dr Seuss reading book for the younger children and a Quiksilver activity pack with pen and keyring for the older children. Al that’s left is for you to pack some of their favourite snacks and you should be in for a smooth flight!

Come on, make me swoon – where will you be flying off to this summer and how do you keep your little ones entertained?

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a Young Travellers Rucksack for the purpose of this post. I was not instructed what to write and all opinions are 100% my own. You may not copy my words or images without my permission.

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