How to Protect Yourself from Redundancy 

Being suddenly redundant is one of those adult fears that feels quite difficult to protect yourself against. Regardless of how much you enjoy the job that you currently find yourself working, there’s a good chance that you need it in order to support yourself financially and being without an income can be terrifying. Is there any way to protect yourself from the threat of redundancy, though? Well, while it might not be something that you can consistently predict with as much certainty as you’d like, there may well be certain measures you can look to.

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Protecting yourself might not always mean that you aren’t made redundant when the situation arises, but instead that you aren’t as negatively impacted by it as you might otherwise be.

Up-to-Date CV

The most straightforward way in which you can protect yourself here is by being as employable as possible right out of the gate. That might mean being aware of your transferrable skills and the kind of work that you’d jump into when you need to start applying again (whether that be the same as what you’re already doing or something you’d much prefer). However, it might also mean brushing up your CV and other documents in order to be as polished as possible. Looking to online services can help to make you aware of a wide variety of templates, some of which might better suit the kind of work that you want to get into.

Are you Insured?

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Another route that you could take is that of insurance. This is a step that you could take now, before the situation of redundancy rears its head, to protect yourself, and looking to insurance providers like Future Proof Insurance can make you aware of routes to take, such as income protection insurance that you might not have previously known about. Something like this can help provide you with a sense of comfort about your future, regardless of whether you have concerns about your job security.

Reducing your fears of redundancy affecting your life can help tackle some of the anxiety or stress you might be feeling around it – potentially boosting your mental well-being in general. If this is something that you struggle with, it’s worth taking the time to brush up on how you can further this objective in other areas of your life.

Know Your Rights

When people are made redundant, the first thing that often comes to their minds is whether what happened to them was legal and what they can do about it if not. There is a great deal of confusion around this topic, and if you’re struggling to know where to begin, it’s worth talking to Citizens Advice so you can be aware of your rights and options. As frustrating as it can be when this happens to you, it’s worth recognising as quickly as possible if the best course of action is to move and find work elsewhere to be as efficient as possible with your time. 

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