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How does your Zodiac sign affect your organisation skills?

I have always been interested in the signs of the zodiac and how they affect our very being. I am a Taurus, though not a completely true Taurean because we are supposed to be foodies, this is far from my truth.


An organised Taurean

As a Taurus, I am a homemaker, I like everything to be tidy and for my house to feel light, airy and spacious. I hate clutter and a messy house really gets me down. Herein lies the problem because I work from home which means that I can be easily distracted from my work if I see mess in the house. At the moment our house looks like it has been ransacked but with the school holidays looming fast I just haven’t got the time to dedicate to tidying because I need to get ahead for next week.

New office for Mummy

A couple of weeks ago I moved desks, I bought myself an Ikea workstation from Shpock so that I could relocate to the current playroom so now I am on the lookout for more office furniture. The idea is that over time the toys will become less and less and with some new office furniture, my office will grow to accomodate me and my work ‘stuff’. This has meant that I can shut myself away and pretend that the rest of the house is tidy. It also means I have to keep my eyes shut whilst I walk to the kitchen to get myself food and drink for fear of distraction. My dream home office will one day become a reality.

Different signs, different desk

As for my desk, it’s tidy – of course – I have always operated a clear desk policy. From the moment I started work in offices I had to keep my desk clean and tidy otherwise I just couldn’t focus on the work in hand. My husband, an Aries, by comparison, is the opposite. We used to work together and his desk would drive me up the wall. He used to tell me it was #organisedmess, he knew exactly what he had on his desk and exactly where it was but to the outside world it looked like a messy desk. He’s always been pretty productive at work though so I guess it works for him.

This fun infographic details the likely organisation style for your desk in relation to your zodiac sign. Is it correct? Mine is spot on . . .
Office Furniture


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