Summer Health Precautions For The Busy Family

Will it be a scorcher or a washout? The summer is coming, but you never can tell what you’re going to get. Of course, if you’ve booked a sunny summer holiday, you may have a better chance of getting what you want! Still, with the kids at home, you’ll have a lot more to contend with in the next few weeks. This is the time when health matters need to be one of your top priorities.

The sun isn’t the only hazard out there. After weeks of school, the whole family is going to be tired and in need of rest. This might be the time that all those school bugs and colds decide to show themselves! It’s not fun feeling run down during the holidays, but you can prepare the whole family for the summer sniffles in advance. Boxes of tissues, child remedies, and plenty of snuffle babe can ease symptoms a lot. Don’t forget – when it’s hot, it’s even easier to become dehydrated.

The heat is a problem for food too. Cheese, in particular, can quickly turn into tummy enemy number one if it’s left out too long. When you’re having a picnic in the park, or enjoying a barbecue in the garden, try to keep your cheeses, meats, and other foods in the shade and cooled. Ice boxes or even thermoses can be handy here. Food poisoning is not fun for anyone, but in the heat, it can feel much worse.


If you’re travelling this summer, makes sure you have full coverage on your travel insurance. Accidents and illnesses should be covered regardless of your location or activities. Double check. There are plenty of health policies that can be used on their own too. Companies like Health Insurance Innovations might be useful to see what kind of coverage could be relevant. Even if you’re not going away, it’s worth bearing in mind that some conditions and levels of care are not covered in the community.

Insects thrive in the heat and the sunshine. They also seem to get rather hungry for children’s legs and mummy’s arms. Bites and stings aren’t just painful and unsightly. They can pose a serious health risk if the wound becomes infected. Allergies to these stings can even become life threatening. There are some insect repellants that can be applied to clothing or skin before you go out. They may not smell great, but they could be quite the deterrent for a hungry mosquito.

As well as staying hydrated, it’s important to adjust your diet and lifestyle when the heat starts to soar. Avoid alcohol as its effects can be quite a bit stronger in the heat. You may want to eat less, but those with blood sugar problems should be wary about skimping on meals. Your kids might be running around outdoors a lot more than usual, so they could come home ravenous. Try to pack healthy snacks to keep them going.

Sunscreen and hats are of course the most important things to remember in the sun for all the family. Have fun out there and stay healthy.

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