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How to dress for an interview

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience can’t they? I haven’t actually attended an interview for over 10 years now so I’m sure I would be a nervous wreck. When I get nervous I talk and talk and talk and talk some more, you get the picture don’t you?

Well, that’s where Hubby is at right now, after being made redundant just before Christmas it’s time for him to get back on that treadmill of job searching again and even though he is usually a very confident man, he is nervous too. Once you have done all your searching and have found a job that you like the look of, they have seen your CV/Application and they like what they see on paper it’s interview time so now’s the time for you to really sell yourself.

When it comes to attending an interview, I always remember the phrase “first impressions count” because even before you get in that interview room, the interviewers first impression will have been formed. Even before you open your mouth to say hello, the interviewer will have given your overall appearance the once over so it’s important that you give them the right ‘first impression’ if you really want to get the job.

Regardless of the work environment, it pays to dress professionally. For men a suit and tie would be preferable to jeans and a shirt because it makes you look confident, stand tall and show them you mean business. More importantly, they will see that you have made the effort to show pride in yourself, which tells them you will want to do your best.

Dressing for a professional interview:


  • Suit – plain navy or dark grey stands out
  • Long sleeve white shirt or one which coordinates with your suit
  • Coordinating tie (nothing too wacky)
  • Smart belt
  • Dark socks – save your favourite Simpsons pair for the weekend
  • Clean, smart, dark coloured shoes.
  • Neat hair


  • Skirt or trouser suit – plain black, navy or dark grey
  • If wearing a skirt, make sure it is not too short when you sit down
  • Blouse to coordinate with the suit (not too sheer – you don’t want everyone to see what’s underneath!)
  • Clean, smart shoes.
  • Limited, understated jewellery.
  • Neat and tidy hairstyle
  • Coordinating handbag
  • Light make-up (think natural, not party)
  • Light perfume (you don’t want to give the interviewer a headache and cut short the interview)

If you are attending an interview for a more casual job, you might not want to go so far as a full suit but a nice shirt, trousers and tie, with clean and smart shoes for men will show that you have made the effort and for women, again perhaps a nice blouse and skirt or blouse with trousers and a sensible pair of clean and smart shoes will give the right first impression. This is your chance to shine so make it count.

For great ideas on looking smart, check out Premier Clothing who stock business wear, hospitality wear and beauty wear. They can help you to make the right first impression.

DISCLAIMER: My husband received Trousers, Shirt and Tie for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. The images have been taken from the Premier Clothing site.

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