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When it comes to being pregnant it’s not just your bump that grows and needs support, the boobs do too! In fact, for many women that’s the first sign that they are pregnant, I remember when I fell pregnant with Little Bean I was still working in a mainly male orientated garage and most of the guys guessed that I was pregnant before I made the announcement because they had all taken the night of my new *ahem* assets!

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During pregnancy, our boobs go through a lot of changes and if we don’t want to be tucking them into the top of our trousers at the end of maternity and nursing, we need to take good care of them from the very start. So the basic rules go something like this;

  • No underwires
  • Firm support
  • Get measured

I followed these rules with both of my previous pregnancies and I have been pretty proud of the pair that I was left with post nursing so I definitely think sticking to the rules helped. During this pregnancy, I have adhered to the rules again and this time around there has been a new ‘breed’ of bra on the market which I have loved trying out.

Cantaloop maternity and nursing bras are made from the softest, breathable fabric which stretches and moves with you whilst offering strength and support where you need it the most. They can be bought straight off the shelves in Boots stores for £24, although you will need to make sure you have measured yourself correctly before visiting the store to make sure you get the optimum fit.

The bras are currently available in Black or White. I personally would like to see a few different colours or patterns in there as it can get a bit boring when you are wearing them every day. I have been wearing my Cantaloop bra through my pregnancy and it is so comfortable you barely know that you are wearing it. The closer it gets to the end of my pregnancy (currently 39+3 days) my boobs are getting fuller and the bra is still supporting me nicely. Obviously in the days post-birth (whenever that might be!!!) I will turn into Jordan as my milk comes in and I have no doubts that my Cantaloop will still be there supporting me through it. As for its nursing function, you’ll have to come back and read up on it once I have got started on that but for that to happen I need a baby and as yet he still seems pretty comfortable to me.

Watch this space . . .

In the meantime, why not check out Cantaloop’s Facebook Page where they are often running competitions.

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