Mummy Matters

When the Beans met Buddy!

Nanny and Grandad got their first puppy ‘George’ a few months ago. George is a Toy Poodle and he’s a very cute and fluffy little chap with LOADS of energy. He bounces about more than Zebedee and looks like black candy floss – I have a soft spot for him. Nanny and Grandad love We have a new member in the (extended) family called ‘Buddy’. Buddy is Nanny and Grandad’s new rescue dog, a 2 year old Shih Tzu and he’s pretty adorable!

Mummy Matters

Beanie Boy spent the day with Nanny and Grandad yesterday so after school I took Little Bean and Jelly Bean over to pick him up and take the dogs for a walk with Nanny.

Mummy Matters

Due to George’s bounciness Little Bean is very nervous around George, she loves him but she doesn’t like him jumping up at her. It wasn’t long before George was popped in his cage to calm down and Buddy sat patiently at the side of his cage waiting for his friend to come out. The moment he did . . . the boys climbed in!!! Buddy couldn’t be more different from George, he is very calm and not bothered by the Beans were fussing all over him. It was love at first sight for Little Bean who couldn’t stop cuddling him and Buddy certainly didn’t complain.

Dog walking

We all took the boys for a walk around Nanny’s village and to the local park for a bit of a play. Little Bean and Beanie Boy walked the boys very nicely.

Mummy Matters

Jelly Bean had my heart in my mouth on more than one occasion as he climbed up these steps all by himself and then backed up to the slide to go down it but once or twice would have been heading over the side if I hadn’t redirected him! I definitely breathed a sigh of relief once I was able to strap him back in the buggy!!

Dog Walking

We walked a little further before returning to Nanny and Grandad’s for a drink and a snack. Beanie Boy impressed Nanny with his orienteering skills as he was able to direct us back using his left and right instructions.

Mummy Matters

Back at the house Buddy received lots more attention and was amazing with the Beans. Jelly Bean was a perfect poser laying down on Buddy and calling “cheeeeeeeese” to me, meaning he wanted me to take his picture.

Mummy Matters

I think Buddy is a hit, what about you?

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